Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar provides important dates for staff, faculty, and students. Dates include holidays, college wide events such as commencement, and weeks of significance such as registration and finals.

Academic Catalog

Each Regis student is attached to an academic catalog based on the academic year they entered Regis. The catalog stays with the student until degree completion for major specific information. It is important for students to review the academic catalog in order to understand what specific requirements are needed for program completion. Students should review the most recent Academic Catalog each academic year to be familiar with new or updated academic policies.

Academic Center for Excellence

The Academic Center for Excellence, ACE, is a free service which provides academic support for all students. At ACE, students will find free tutoring on many subjects, support in developing academic skills (such as time management, organization, etc.), and academic coaching.

Center for Internships & Career Placement

Career Services provides support to students who are exploring major and/or career options, searching for a job, writing a resume, or finalizing an internship opportunity.

Center for Student Services

The Center for Student Services acts as a central hub of information for student resources. The Center includes important resources such as the Registrar's Office, Financial Aid Office, and Student Accounts (BURSAR). The Center also has various forms that students may need during or after his or her career at Regis.

Core Curriculum

Each student has a Core Curriculum Checklist. These checklists are assigned, and differ, by anticipated graduation year. These courses offer to broaden the view of students, and provide students with the opportunity to take courses that expand the college experience.


Moodle is a system utilized at Regis to foster on-line communication between a course instructor and students. Instructors use Moodle to post the course syllabus, assignments, due dates, and general course announcements. Along with Regis’ iPad initiative, Moodle helps bring the classroom to the outdoors, and gives a new dimension to learning. Moodle also acts as a direct link to Starfish.

Starfish is a system utilized at Regis to help support the academic progress for students. It also acts as a tool for students to schedule meetings with advisors and course instructors and keep track of their attendance for each course.

Regis Access

Regis Access serves as a centralized location of information for each student. Here, students will be able to view their account statement and financial aid letter, check if there are any “HOLDS” on their account, check their degree audit, view their transcript, and register for courses.

Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life works to enhance each student’s college experience with life on campus. Academics are the reason students attend college, and Office of Residence Life hopes to add depth to each student’s experience at Regis.

Student Disability and Accessibility Services

The Office of Student Disability and Accessibility Services works to provide equal access and learning opportunities to all students in the Regis community, and works to empower each individual student to achieve academic success.

Student Programming & Leadership

The Office of Student Programming & Leadership provides students with opportunities to become involved on campus. There are over 25 clubs on campus for students to explore, each bringing its own uniqueness to Regis.

Regis College Academic Advising: Resources
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The Regis Office of Academic Advising provides resources for academic, career, and social success! Students should take advantage of these tools in order to enhance the college experience.