Academic Standing

All students are expected to maintain Good Academic Standing. To do this, students must maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.00 for both the current semester and cumulative GPA. Students failing to meet these criteria may be placed on either Academic Warning, Academic Probation Level 1, Academic Probation Level II "Up or Out", or be placed on an Academic Leave of Absence from Regis for at least one semester. Please refer to the most current Academic Catalog for more information. Students who are not in Good Academic Standing should contact their Faculty Advisor and the Director of Academic Advising.

Students placed on Academic Warning, Academic Probation Level I, or Academic Probation Level II "Up or Out" will be required to develop an Academic Progress Plan with their faculty advisor. This plan is intended to help a student work towards regaining Good Academic Standing the semester after the warning or probationary status. This plan must be developed during the add/drop period of the semester of warning or probationary status.

Returning to Regis

Students who wish to return to Regis after an Academic Leave of Absence must submit a written petition to the Director of Academic Advising no later than three (3) weeks prior to the beginning of the intended semester of return. Students are strongly encouraged to take courses at another academic institution during their time away from Regis to work towards raising their GPA. Students should make every attempt to contact the Director of Academic Advising prior to registering for outside courses in order to confirm that the outside course credits may be transferred to Regis.

If courses were taken outside of Regis during the time away, students must have an official transcript sent to the Center for Student Services at Regis prior to the start of the intended semester of return. The courses will be evaluated to determine whether Regis credits have been earned.

What is my GPA?

Students are encouraged to use the GPA Calculator provided below in order to determine how grades earned affect his or her GPA, especially students that have an academic standing status or wish to stay in good academic standing. Students planning to return from an Academic Mandatory Leave should utilize this tool to understand what grades are needed in order to raise his or her previous GPA.

Regis College Academic Advising: Academic Standing
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