ACE is Academic Coaching

What is Academic Coaching?

An academic coach is an amalgamation of a mentor, a guide, a teacher, and a role model. Each coach and student partnership is unique, and creates goals for success that include teaching academic strategies, developing positive student behaviors, enhancing motivation and enthusiasm, and augmenting organization and management skills. Coaching is a positive and enriching process that helps students get on their feet and succeed.

What will I do with my Academic Coach?

Here are some of the things students might do with a coach:

  • Review syllabi and identify assignments
  • Make a merged calendar: a calendar that includes details from all your classes
  • Research scholarly journal articles in the library data base
  • Discuss goals and motivations, linking classes and majors to career ideas
  • Learn to de-stress, manage multiple assignments and tests, and stay organized

Do Academic Coaches connect with Regis faculty on behalf of students?

Academic coaches do not connect with faculty for students or on behalf of students. The student-professor connection is key to college success. Coaches encourage students to email or meet with faculty in order to clarify expectations, ask questions, or discuss course content. Academic coaches, however, do have positive and strong relationships with faculty, and support students in reaching out to their professors.

How do students connect with an Academic Coach?

To begin working with a coach, students can stop by ACE on the second floor of the Library, and speak with any of the staff. Or, email

What do students say about working with an Academic Coach?

“Ms. Doe has been a critical part of my success here at Regis. She has helped me manage my assignments, proof read my papers, understand unusual assignments, and has been a constant source of support and encouragement. I take comfort in knowing that Ms. Doe is available to help me when or if I need it. She is a great academic coach and I would not be as successful at Regis without her help and guidance.”
Regis College junior

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An academic coach is an amalgamation of a mentor, a guide, a teacher, and a role model.