Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching

Regis students are encouraged and welcomed to use Regis College's Academic Coaching Services. If a student is willing to work on a regular basis with an "Academic Fitness Trainer," he or she will learn study skills, address areas of concern, simplify complex assignments, manage time, and more. Each student's study plan is different and is tailored to his or her needs. Students using this program report improved grades, increased academic self confidence, and better relationships with faculty. Students are urged to stop by College Hall 383 for more information.

“An academic coach provides students with one-on-one, holistic, strategic tutoring and guidance in order to improve academic performance and boost progress toward degree completion. Coaches help students build academic skills, learn study strategies, and develop organizational tools while providing encouragement, support, problem solving, and guidance. Academic coaches work toward academic self-confidence, improved self-advocacy, positive student habits, increased motivation and commitment, and improved opportunities for degree completion.”

- Susan M. Erickson, Lead Academic Coach, ACE

Academic Center for Excellence

College Hall Room 383


Regis College Academic Center for Excellence: Academic Coaching
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