The Office of Academic Advising

Mission Statement

The mission of the Academic Advising Department at Regis is to support students and their faculty advisors throughout the student’s academic experience. This includes assistance to students in reaching their academic goals and defining their career goals. Academic advising guides students in making class choices toward the completion of their degree requirements, and in taking advantage of the many curricular and extracurricular activities available at Regis. In support of faculty advising, the department provides tools and resources to enable faculty to subscribe to best practices in academic advising.

Who is my Advisor?

Faculty Advisors serve as the primary contact for students in regards to their degree completion. Faculty Advisors are here to understand students’ aspirations, help students explore the options available at Regis, and assist students in reaching their goals after college.

What is my GPA?

To help with planning for future semesters, the Office of Academic Advising has created a GPA calculator in order to assist each student in achieving his or her academic goal. Students are encouraged to use this tool if they plan on applying for a certain program with GPA requirements, if a scholarship is GPA-based, if trying to improve academic status, or if aiming to achieve an honor at graduation.

Regis College: Academic Advising
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The Office of Academic Advising is excited to work with you towards your academic success! Our office assists students in reaching their academic goals and defining their career goals.