Who is My Advisor?

All students at Regis are matched with a Faculty Advisor upon their arrival to campus. Faculty Advisors serve as the primary contact for students in regards to his or her degree completion. Faculty Advisors are here to understand students’ aspirations, help students explore the options available at Regis, and assist students in reaching their goals after college.

The First Year Seminar instructor will serve as the Faculty Advisor for all First Year students. All other students will be assigned a Faculty Advisor based on the intended major. If a student changes their major, the Faculty Advisor will also change. Faculty Advisors may be identified through Starfish, or by checking “My Profile” on RegisAccess.

Students who are undecided about which major they would like to pursue will be assigned a Faculty Advisor who will help them through the exploring process. These students are encouraged to take courses in a wide variety of subjects to help them explore topics that may be of interest to them.

Do I get a Faculty Advisor for my minor?

  • Yes, students are provided with a Faculty Advisor for each minor they declare. Students should check Starfish or RegisAccess to view their current Faculty Advisor(s).

If I have more than one major, who is my Faculty Advisor?

  • Students are provided with a Faculty Advisor based on their declared major. Students who declare multiple majors will be matched with one Faculty Advisor per major. It is important for students to meet with each of their Faculty Advisors to ensure proper degree completion.

In Summary:

Faculty Advisor will: Student will:
- Help students with course selection and course registration

- Help students stay on track for degree completion

- Answer questions about majors or programs

- Provide general advice and expertise

- Support the transition of major to job and/or career
- Bring the most recent copy of a degree audit and course schedule to meetings with Faculty Advisors

- Review all necessary items prior to meetings with Faculty Advisors

- Prepare a list of questions or topics to discuss before a meeting with a Faculty Advisor

- Keep Faculty Advisor informed of any important updates
Regis College Academic Advising: Who is My Advisor
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Who is my faculty advisor, and how do I get in contact with them? The Office of Academic Advising is here to help in your search!