Choosing a Major

What major should I choose?

  • Choosing a major is a large decision, and Faculty Advisors should be utilized during this process. Faculty Advisors are able to provide connections to explore areas of interest for students in order to better help his or her decision.
  • Students must fill out the Change of Major form and submit it to the Center for Student Services in order to finalize Major changes or declarations. Students may change majors at any time, however these changes may affect the student's date of graduation. Students should consult their faculty advisor prior to changing or declaring a major.
  • Degree Programs and Majors offered at Regs are provided here.
  • Occupational opportunities based on major are provided here.

Credits by class year

  • The typical credit breakdown that full-time students should follow in order to graduate in four years with 120 credits is shown below. Normally, 15 credits are taken per semester. The chart shows the total amount of credits a student should have earned by the end of the indicated semester. Credit distribution, and total credit count for graduation, may vary by program of study.
  • Students may take summer and winter intersession courses outside of Regis for credits, but must first meet with their faculty advisor for approval.
Regis Fall Spring
First Year 15 30
Second Year 45 60
Third Year 75 90
Fourth Year 105 120


  • Students may choose a minor at any point during the college career. Minors are required by some, not all, programs of study at Regis. Students may choose to add a minor to their program of study out of interest or to expand their skill set for their future career.

Core Curriculum

  • All students have a Core Curriculum Checklist. These checklists are assigned, and differ, by date of enrollment. The Core provides students an opportunity to broaden their knowledge outside of major specific courses.

Degree Audit

  • On RegisAccess, students may view the courses remaining in their program of study and core requirements. This tool should be utilized in preparation for Registration Week, when meeting with Faculty Advisors for course registration, and should be checked regularly.

Graduation Requirements

  • Students may graduate once all major and core requirements for the student’s degree have been successfully completed, the student has earned at least 120 credits (126 for nursing and medical imaging majors), and has achieved a minimum of a 2.0 GPA.
Regis Academic Advising: Choosing a Major
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Choosing a major is a difficult decision, but you do not have to do it alone! The Office of Academic Advising is here to help you in your decision.