Academic Policies and Procedures

Pass/No Pass

  • One course may be taken as a Pass/No Pass per semester. The course may not be a prerequisite to any other course in that student’s program of study and may not be a requirement for that student’s program of study. The course taken for Pass/No Pass earns a Pass, and will provide credits which count towards graduation, but will not be computed in the Grade Point Average.
  • Once the Pass/No pass status is registered for a course, it cannot be undone or changed. The Pass/No pass status may not be applied retrospectively.
  • EN-105, EN-106, QR-101/QR-101A, and RC-101 may not be taken for Pass/No Pass.

Course Withdrawal

  • Undergraduate students may withdraw from a maximum of 4 courses in their entire academic career at Regis. Withdrawals that cause a student to fall into or below the “Part-Time” status may affect residency on campus, financial aid, and athletic eligibility. Students planning to withdraw from any course should contact their faculty advisor.
  • Course Withdrawal forms must be completed before the published deadline, and returned to the Center for Student Services to be finalized.
  • “Course Withdrawal” is not the same as a “Withdrawal from Regis”.

Leave of Absence and College Withdrawal

  • Students who plan to take a Leave of Absence or to withdraw from Regis should review the Regis Withdrawal page, and must meet with the Director of Academic Advising.
  • “Withdrawal from Regis” is not the same as a “Course Withdrawal”.

Add/Drop Period

  • Courses adjustments for current semesters are only available during the published “Add/Drop Period” indicated on the Academic Calendar.
  • Students wishing to add or drop a course must meet with their faculty advisor prior to the Add/Drop period deadline to get the faculty advisor’s signature of approval.
  • Please note that students taking more than 19 credits will be charged a tuition penalty. Dropping courses that would alter the status of a student from full-time to part-time status may impact financial aid, residency on campus and athletic eligibility.


  • Students may request an incomplete in a course due to extenuating circumstances that may prevent them from completing all required academic work by the end of a semester. Requests must be made to the faculty member of the course by the deadline, and in accordance with the policy, that is outlined in the Academic Calendar.

Registering for Courses

  • Course Registration times can be found on the Academic Calendar. Students should plan to review his or her Degree Audit and meet with their Faculty Advisor the week prior to Registration week in order to plan for the coming semester.
  • If any courses have been taken outside of Regis, please send the official transcript to the Center for Student Services. The Degree Audit will not reflect courses taken outside of Regis if there is no official transcript received.
  • Instructions for registration are located here.

*For more information on Academic Policies, please refer to the Academic Catalog.
**For information on Graduation Requirements, please refer to Choosing a Major.

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