Pre-Licensure Nursing Fees

Students enrolled in the accelerated bachelor's, part-time bachelor's, accelerated master's, and traditional undergraduate nursing programs will be charged nursing fees, which are also listed on the tuition bill.

These fees include

Trajecsys-Access fee established by Regis Nursing (one-time fee)

The Trajecsys Report System is used by many health education programs. It is used for record keeping of nursing skills, which are completed in the Clinical Resource and Simulation Center. To learn more about Trajecsys please click here.

ATI (Assessment Technology Institute) - $2,250.00 (total fee for the length of the program. Fee is broken down per semester)

ATI offers a wide variety of NCLEX® preparation assessments during nursing school. These assessments not only prepare students for the NCLEX, but they also help them gain critical thinking skills and a comprehensive nursing knowledge base needed to be a great nurse.

To learn more about ATI please click here.

Lab Pack - $57.00 (one-time fee)

Each nursing student will purchase a lab pack in the beginning of the nursing program. The lab packs include supplies for nursing students to use in the Clinical Resource and Simulation Center.

Nursing Uniform - Fee Varies (one-time fee)

Our nursing program requires a regulation uniform which is to be purchased through our designated supplier; McGill’s Inc. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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