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We Are Boston [Updated x2]

April 15, 2013

Regis College is a peaceful learning community with zero tolerance for violence of any kind. We grieve at the criminal bombing of families, friends, and runners in the Boston Marathon on April 15, Patriots’ Day, a family and community-oriented, charitable event. Many runners run with the aim of creating donations for specific charities. Many runners come from around the nation and the whole world in order to run, as well as from the city itself and its suburbs.

Regis is located in the suburbs of Weston, but we stand with the city of Boston and its character, which lends spirit to our whole region. We are in solidarity with Boston University, Emerson, Emmanuel, Boston College, Northeastern, Wheelock, Suffolk, Wellesley College, Brandeis and other area universities directly touched by the Marathon and some kind of proximity to this event.

Many of our students, faculty and staff come from Boston. Our nursing students and nursing faculty are linked to Boston hospitals. Regis students, faculty and staff and their family members run in the Boston Marathon. The attack on countless innocents at the Boston Marathon on April 15 leaves us horrified. The entire Regis College community holds the scores of victims and their loved ones in our hearts and minds, and we stand in solidarity with the City of Boston, which so many of our students and alumni call home.

We live in a world in which community itself is under attack, whether through social fragmentation and deterioration of the bonds of the family or direct physical assaults like this one, or Newtown, or 9/11. But together with you, City of Boston, together in industry, higher education, government, and thought, we reassert those good bonds and we will address this event in the cogent and creative ways that are so typical of you and the disciplines of higher education, whose institutions help make you who you are.

Our hearts are with those who are injured and our prayers are with those who have died and their families. Together with you we embrace the whole “city” itself and its suburbs as a state of mind, our “dear neighbor” in the spirit of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, our founders and sponsors.

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