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The Erat Scholars and China

October 3, 2011

After enjoying a lovely Chinese dinner with numerous Erat Scholar alums, faculty and staff in the Upper Student Union this evening, the China Explorers with their benefactress, Kathryn Erat, presented a slide show and talk on their trip to China in May-June, 2011. Having studied under Professor Joe Draper (Religious Studies and Philosophy) and Michael Jackson (Political Science) during the previous semester, they were well prepared to discuss their experiences of Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai, not to mention the splendid geography and monuments of China, the making of silk and of tea, the effects of the Cultural Revolution, the growth of modern China, and the experience of Catholic faith and worship in that great country as it struggles with issues of human freedom and human rights. This is the third “Christian immersion” course and trip sponsored by Regis College friend Kathryn Erat, who also joined students on their explorations in Rome and Israel. We are all grateful to Kathryn.
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