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Responses to Globe Boston column, Sunday, August 3, 2008

August 13, 2008

Dear Yvonne,

I graduated from Regis in 1966, and came from a middle-class family, but many of my classmates were very like many of today's students that you describe. When my mother (Class of 1939) and my aunt (1946) graduated, they were VERY much like the students you describe, in all but ethnicity, with immigrant parents and first in their families etc.

I have always been proud of my association with Regis, and still am.  As I say to many, I got a DAMN GOOD education there, and Regis women (and as of this year, men) have taken their place in public service, industry, education, medicine, you name it.

Anyway, thanks for the column, and here's hoping Weston wakes up and recognizes a good thing when they see it.


Eileen Gaquin Kelley, Regis '66

Yvonne Abraham’s column in Sunday’s Boston Globe gives clear focus to the merit of the proposed Regis East retirement community. Despite the challenging economy, Regis is committed to its mission of educating the non-traditional students who require far more academic and financial support than the typical college students. Regis East would allow the college to continue to offer educational opportunity to these students while at the same time providing the Regis East residents retirement living rich in educational, volunteer, wellness and professional opportunities. Historically, communities like Regis East are valuable assets to the towns in which they are built. In this case, the students, the college, the retirees and the town would all be beneficiaries. Weston should be proud of Regis East.

- Gardi Pedersen Hauck, Natick

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