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Regis sets sail for the class of 2013

April 25, 2013

Regis Commencement Tent
Photo by Chris Petherick

On April 25, a crisp and sunny spring day, Regis College began setting its sail for the class of 2013 on the Great Lawn. This is the first year the Commencement Tent is pitched at the front of the eighty-six year old campus. The canvas needs some time to expand and contract before Commencement Day on May 11, and the turf to be installed on the ground under the tent will require a similar breathing before the chairs are lined up, the graduates and their families and friends come, and Regis Trustees, faculty, and staff cheer along over 550 graduates receiving degrees ranging from the ASN to the BA and BS, MA and MS, and DNP. The luff is good, and the sail is set for them into the wind. Let the adventure begin!

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