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Regis brings Paris in April

April 5, 2010

Regis College has once again been selected to present the Tournées French Film Festival, a series of outstanding French films to be shown to the public free of charge during the month of April. The screenings will be at 6 p.m. on April 7th, 12th, 14th, 20th and 27th at College Hall, Regis College, 235 Wellesley Street, Weston, MA.

The films to be shown during April are Roman de Gare (Wednesday, April 7th); Le Fils de l’Epicier (Monday, April 12th); Le Scaphandre et le Papillon (The Diving Bell & the Butterfly) (Wednesday, April 14th; Indigenes (Days of Glory) (Tues, April 20th) and Entre les Murs (The Class) (Tues, April 27th).

The Tournées Festival was conceived to encourage schools to begin their own self-sustaining French film festivals. Since its inception, the program has partnered with hundreds of universities and made it possible for more than 300,000 students to discover French-language films. This is the fourth year that Regis College has won a grant to present the festival.

Regis faculty and staff select the films to be shown and, at each showing, provide background discussion about the films to be shown.

"I have a deep personal interest in French culture and always look forward to sharing these exciting presentations with the Regis community, high school and other colleges’ French classes, participants in LLARC (Lifelong Learning at Regis College) and the general public," said Graduate Admissions Director Claudia Pouravelis, who organizes the French film festival at Regis.

The idea of the festival emanated from FACE, an organization to promote French-American cooperation, and the French Cultural Services.

The films at a glance

Roman de Gare

Wed, April 7th: Judith Ralitzer is a successful crime novelist in search of inspiration for her next bestseller. The mysterious disappearance of a university professor coincides with the escape from prison of a notorious serial killer known as the Magician. Huguette, a hairdresser in a swanky Parisian salon, finds herself abandoned on the side of a motorway by her fiancé. Pierre, a passer-by, offers to help her and she accepts, insisting that he pretend to be her future husband when she goes to visit her parents. Is there anything to link these apparently unconnected events…? Deceptively layered and intriguingly misleading, Roman de gare is an homage to the French genre of the same name, a genre that refers to popular, easy-to-read novels.

Le Fils de l’Epicier

Wed, April 12th: When his father has a sudden heart attack, it’s up to jaded and distant Antoine Sforza, a young man who has distanced himself from his roots, to take over the family business at the age of 30. Leaving behind his dead-end job as a waiter and his tiny apartment in Paris, he grudgingly moves home to Provence, in the south of France, to run a small mobile grocery store. Antoine and his friend Claire both move into his mother’s home, where Claire studies for an exam and Antoine slowly begins to get to know the community and himself a little bit better.

Le Scaphandre et le Papillon (The Diving Bell & the Butterfly)

Wed, April 14th: As the editor of French magazine ELLE, Jean-Dominique Bauby was a key player in Parisian social and cultural circles before suffering a massive stroke at the age of 43. He developed what doctors called a locked-in syndrome: he lost all muscle control, save his left eyelid. Blinking one letter at a time, he composed a book describing his new life. As soon as it was published the book became an international best-seller; Jean-Dominique Bauby died shortly after. This is the basis of Julian Schnabel's enthralling film in which Jean-Dominique Bauby summons enormous courage, determination and his soaring imagination to escape from his trap.

Indigenes (Days of Glory)

Tues, April 20th: In 1944 and 1945 the liberation of Italy, Provence, the Alps, the Rhone Valley, Vosges, Alsace was essential to the victory of the allies. What is little known is that these victories were largely due to the accomplishment of recruits from Africa. 130 000 natives from North Africa and 20 000 Africans fought to liberate France, a country they had never seen before. With a reputation for endurance, sense of orientation and great courage, they were sent to the front lines of the battlefields. Days of Glory relates the forgotten story of these soldiers known as "Indigènes" through four of these courageous men.

Entre les Murs (The Class)

Tues, April 27th: The winner of this year’s Palme d’Or at Cannes was Laurent Cantet’s unsparing, unsentimental film about a teacher and his students at a diverse Parisian junior high school. In an unusual example of art imitating life, the film was based on the best-selling book by real-life teacher François Bégaudeau, who also wrote the screenplay and stars in the movie as himself. Working with a cast of non-professional actors, Cantet filmed his "class" for over a year; the result is a hybrid documentary/narrative work that is wholly convincing.
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