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Regis East Intergenerational Living And Learning Community To Go Back To Land Court

March 5, 2009

Weston, MA March 5, 2009 After deliberating for half an hour, the Weston Zoning Board of Appeals meeting on March 4th refused to recognize the educational purpose of Regis East, thus laying the groundwork for sending the case back to Land Court. Regis College officials are confident in the educational purpose of the proposed intergenerational living and learning community and will comment further once last evening’s public deliberation of Zoning Board members is put in writing, officially voted upon by the Zoning Board, and filed with the Weston Town Clerk. By order of the Land Court, this must take place on or before March 23.

On March 2nd, Regis President Mary Jane England, MD, Vice President, Finance and Business, Thomas Pistorino, Vice-President, Academic Affairs, Dr. Paula Harbecke, and Dr. Antoinette Hays, Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Professions presented to the Zoning Board of Appeals the rationale for the building of Regis East, the synergies it would create between the east and west parts of the campus, the curriculum and coursework that would be part of the residency requirement for all Senior Scholars living at Regis East, and the internship and other opportunities that Regis East would offer to Regis undergraduate and graduate students. Also present at the discussion on March 2 and the deliberations on March 4 were Regis Trustee Brenda Moran, East Campus Project Manager Mary Adams, and Special Assistant to the President, Dr. M.J. Doherty.

Regis College’s mission is to educate all of its attendees from the Children’s Center, through its undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and senior scholars. Everyone at Regis is involved in learning. So, too, with the proposed development of the East Campus, which is expected to attract elders eager to be actively engaged in a diverse community devoted to intergenerational learning.

The premise underlying Regis East is that no matter what a person’s age, he or she has a capacity to learn and grow and express his or her deeper values – in short, to fulfill his or her infinite potential. Regis East is expected to attract seniors who are well educated and who value and desire lifelong learning. The program will be administered and led by an Academic Dean, who will be responsible to the Office of Academic Affairs. Each Senior Scholar at Regis East will be assigned an academic advisor and a wellness advisor and will have an individual educational plan. Senior Scholars will be required to take at least two academic courses each semester.

Regis nursing, social work, psychology, sociology and management students as well as those in health and fitness programs will have the opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary clinical internships on the East Campus. It will provide all groups of learners the opportunity to have and to understand intergenerational experience. And it will respond to the need to develop geriatrics and gerontology curriculum in higher education, particularly for the health professions.

Through the Regis East program, Regis College would extend to another student population a host of opportunities reflecting the fundamentals of a Regis education. Regis East would be a vital and vibrant articulation of the Regis College motto – “Your potential is infinite. Free it!” – and extend yet another example of “excellence with gentleness” demonstrating the College’s commitment to the values of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston.

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