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Regis College’s Glorious 82nd Commencement

May 14, 2012

The eighty-second annual Commencement at Regis College started promptly at 10 a.m. on May 12 and proceeded without a flaw. On a picture-perfect spring day, 528 Regis College students marched in their academic robes up to the Tower Garden on campus to the cheers and applause of family and friends. The College’s faculty, administration, and trustees gathered on the commencement platform at the front of the huge commencement tent. One-third of those graduating were graduate students, including sixteen new doctors of nursing practice. Over one hundred and forty-four students received master’s degrees in teaching, health administration, nursing, organizational and professional communication, and regulatory and clinical research management.

Carolyn Hoff Lynch
Honorary degree recipient and commencement speaker, Carolyn Hoff Lynch, at the podium

“The march up the hill is not your last march,” College President Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN, said in her message to the graduates. “It is the beginning of something new. The march up the hill is not the finale; it is but the prelude.” She went on to talk about the dance in their different academic fields, whether the dance of life known in biology and chemistry, the dance of change in contemporary health care, the bond between the dancer and the dance as the country comes out of recession, and the movement toward new jobs, new careers, that will be fashioned by the graduates themselves. ‘Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances,’ said poet Maya Angelou…. You are the dancer now. Shoulders back, toes out, move forward!”

Amy Lind Corbett
Honorary degree recipient and commencement speaker, Amy Lind Corbett ’70, at the podium

Delivering the Commencement Addresses were well-known philanthropists Carolyn and Peter Lynch and director of the regional FAA, Amy Lind Corbett ’70, an alumna of the College. Mrs. Lynch and Attorney Corbett also received honorary doctorates of law.

Mr. and Mrs. Lynch took turns at the podium and spoke, respectively, on volunteerism and effective giving. Introducing them was President Hays, who observed that the Lynches were celebrating their forty-fourth wedding anniversary this weekend to a round of warm applause.

Regis grads
Regis grads applauding the speakers

In his remarks, Peter Lynch made special note of the data surrounding “the extraordinary, regular participation in community service and volunteering in the United States, a cultural outreach that has no parallel in Europe” but one that is obviously cultivated at Regis since over 70% of Regis students participate in community service. He complimented the students on their fulfillment of the values expressed by the College founders and sponsors, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, namely, “excellence with gentleness” and service to “the dear neighbor,” whether locally or in Mississippi, Peru and Haiti.

President Hays and Carolyn Lynch
President Hays and Carolyn Lynch looking at the Regis College Haiti Project photographic essay

Mrs. Carolyn Lynch, the President of the Lynch Foundation, said that she and her husband had both been gifted in life with good families, good health, and success, and that she has been involved in the last several decades with sharing those blessings as effectively as possible. She mentioned, for example, the Lynch family support of the pilot project conducted in Peru by Dr. Paul Farmer of Partners in Health as he sought to treat and eradicate tuberculosis and succeeded. She acknowledged the College’s integration of experiential learning, internships and corporate and industrial partnerships as significant aspects of their education. “Partnerships and internships,” she said, “are the best preparation for life.”

Joshua Fidalgo
Joshua Fidalgo ’12 and classmates prepare to receive their diplomas

Mrs. Amy Lind Corbett ’70, an attorney and pilot as well as a wife and mother, addressed the graduates on “Perspectives on Navigating Your Journey.” These included the significance of “side trips” in which one leaves one’s comfort zone and discovers opportunities; “taking the leap,” as she and her daughter recently had by parachuting together, because “Adventure does not come looking for you; it’s the other way around.” The audience appreciated her description of why it was important not to burn bridges; in the unfolding of a career one’s new boss could be standing on the other side. “We don’t know what we’re capable of,” she concluded, “until we put ourselves out there. Take the leap!” She also urged students to “invest” in themselves, not to “stand on sidelines” except at the Boston Marathon, and get a higher degree. “This is your journey. You call the shots. Everyone here is rooting for you.”

Louisa Kay Bragdon and classmates
Louisa Kay Bragdon ’12 and classmates prepare to receive their diplomas

The commencement ceremony ended at noon and was followed by receptions in Morrison House and on the College’s front lawn for the guests of honor, the trustees, the faculty, and the graduates and their families.

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