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Regis College to offer a graduate program in Applied Behavior Analysis

August 30, 2012

WESTON, MA – It’s the beginning of the school year, and perhaps no students will have back-to-school anxiety as much as children with autism. Shockingly, the Center for Disease Control says that one in 88 children will be so challenged, increasing the need for individuals highly skilled in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Regis College is responding to that need.

ABA is the intervention of choice in treating autism spectrum disorders. People on the spectrum of autism disorders have difficulty initiating social interactions or indicating their wants and needs. ABA gives them the tools they need, based on scientific understanding of learning and behavior. ABA identifies why certain inappropriate behavior is occurring, develops individualized treatments, and changes the autistic person’s environment to promote new skills and decrease problem behavior.

This fall, Regis College becomes one of just three institutions in Massachusetts to offer a Master’s of Science in ABA program. Other programs focus on treatment of autism or other severe developmental disabilities. The Regis program will be unique in that it will focus on a variety of applications of ABA, tailored to students’ interests, and will provide field work placements and supervision. Its application goes well beyond special education and psychology and the effective treatment of autism spectrum disorders. The ABA graduate degree is applicable to organizational behavior management, sports behavior, treatment of addiction, behavioral medicine and more.

Faculty member, Cynthia Phelan, PhD, and Dean of Institutional Research and Assessment, Susan Tammaro, PhD, designed the new program. Lauren Beaulieu, PhD and Board Certified Behavior Analyst, has been named the Program Director.

“The program will place and supervise students in their field of work which will include a variety of settings,” said Dr. Beaulieu. “This will benefit students who seek careers in a myriad of human service fields including careers related to the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders; special education; general education; psychology; social work; counseling; health and fitness; and nursing just to name a few.”

“The Applied Behavior Analysis Program at Regis College will provide rigorous scholarship inside the college classroom and out,” said Dr. Tammaro. “We expect this program to be very successful because it meets an important need by reaching across contexts to include a variety of applications.”

The new ABA program offers two options: A Master of Science Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis and a Certificate for students who currently hold a Master’s in an approved field of study.

Regis is now accepting applications. The first course will be offered in January 2013. For more on this or other graduate programs, please visit

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