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Regis College and Stonehill College collaborate to make higher education affordable

October 7, 2013

As President Obama calls for more affordable higher education, Regis College and Stonehill College are responding, beginning with a graduate program that will also help meet the increased market demand for prepared healthcare administrators.

Regis College and Stonehill College recently signed an agreement that will make the Master of Science in Health Administration degree at Regis more affordable to qualified Stonehill students. With the agreement, Regis will accept four of Stonehill’s undergraduate courses in the Health Administration baccalaureate degree program as credited courses in the Regis Master’s of Health Administration program. This type of advanced standing agreement is the first of its kind among Regis’ graduate programs and will provide students with the opportunity to save approximately $8,000. For these qualified students, the time it will take to earn their MS degree will also be expedited.

“The growth of healthcare in the United States necessitates the preparation of educated and qualified administrators as soon as possible,” said Dr. Claudia Pouravelis, Associate Dean of Graduate Academic Affairs at Regis. “Students can get real world experience both with Stonehill’s internship and Regis’s Field Experience, which makes this arrangement a win-win.”

“Regis and Stonehill are both Catholic institutions grounded in mission and sharing a commitment to liberal arts education,” said Dr. Craig Almeida, Dean of Academic Achievement at Stonehill College. “The partnership allows our Healthcare Administration and Interdisciplinary Studies—Health Science majors and minors to be better prepared for the advanced degree, and Regis has an exceptional graduate program in which our students were already enrolling.”

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