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Regis College West campus master plan gets positive feedback from Town of Weston

July 16, 2013

Regis College President Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN has announced that the College is pursuing several improvements to and enhancements of the existing buildings and related infrastructure and landscaping on its West campus.

“Regis College has made public presentations of its master plan to the town Planning Board, and the first phase of the master plan has received positive feedback. The college is working with the relevant Town of Weston boards and officials to receive the necessary permitting,” said Selectman Douglas P. Gillespie.

The first phase consists of developing an inner quad and relocating the core parking lot now there, creating a seventy-two bed addition to a residence hall, and renovation of the library. The master plan has been prepared in consultation with Sasaki & Associates.

Regis and the town, by and through the Weston Selectmen, have also jointly announced that they have agreed to an amicable resolution of a law suit filed in Massachusetts Land Court that involved a Regis College appeal of a Weston Zoning Board of Appeals permitting decision on a development proposal for the “East campus” portion of the College’s land in Weston. Intervenors have also assented to the dismissal of the East campus litigation.

This announcement was made by President Antoinette Hays, RN, PhD, and by Douglas P. Gillespie on behalf of the Weston Selectmen before the next scheduled appearance in court, which was to have occurred on July 16.

“Our focus is on the implementation of the Master Plan on the West campus,” said President Hays. “We do not have any plans for the East campus property for the foreseeable future.”

“Especially during this 300th anniversary year of the Town of Weston, in which Regis College is participating, I am pleased that we have reached this agreement,” said President Hays. “The College has endeavored throughout the legal action to maintain good relationships with the town and the community, as shown in our housing various town events, our pre-school and kindergarten in which Weston children are enrolled, our Lifelong Learning Program enjoyed by many seniors in the community, and our collaboration and even partnerships with Weston schools.”

“This decision today is a positive one for us all,” she continued, “and gives a true picture of the relationship between Regis and the Town.”

Regis vice president and chief financial officer, Thomas G. Pistorino, was also a key participant in the discussions leading to the decision and overseeing the development of the College’s master plan. He observed that “Regis looks forward to continuing our positively evolving relationship with the town of Weston, as we grow our student body at both the undergraduate and graduate level and pursue constructive initiatives together for the good of the College and the community.”

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