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Incoming freshman wins prestigious Perkins scholarship at WCVB-TV 5

June 7, 2012

In January 2010, Slandie Prinston was sitting in her house in Haiti, studying with friends, when the disastrous magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck. The house was no longer habitable, and she and her family had to live in their car. Her parents were intent on Slandie’s finishing high school and sent her to live with her aunt, Anicia Prinston, in Lynn. Today, WCVB-TV Channel 5 presented Slandie with a Kirby Perkins A+ scholarship for her high academic performance at Saint Clement Parish School in Medford.

Political reporter Kirby Perkins died of a heart attack 15 years ago at the shockingly young age of 49. Perhaps his most lasting public legacy was the series of student stories called A+, profiling students who performed well academically, often against great odds. The Kirby Perkins A+ Scholarship Fund, set up in his memory, seeks to make paying for college just a little bit easier.

Over the years, the Fund has helped nearly 70 students. This morning, it was Slandie’s turn, and her aunt was there to support her.

As a junior, Slandie had taken Advanced Biology, English Honors and Algebra 2 Honors. As a senior she was in two AP courses, and she received the highest academic honors. In addition to drama club, science club, book club, soccer, softball, and yearbook committee, she has devoted her non-academic time to volunteer work in the community.

School teachers and administrators have written of her “high personal standard of academic integrity,” exemplary work ethic, and a “willingness to share” that “comes from a place of a sincere passion for learning.” In addition, they praise her “strong code of moral conduct,” her “character, motivation and academic promise.”

This fall, Slandie will be starting her freshman year at Regis College.

“We congratulate Slandie on the A+ Scholarship award and are pleased to welcome Slandie and the other members of the class of 2016, our largest incoming freshman class ever. So many of them personify academic excellence and service to the community. Their spirit exemplifies the motivation of service to the dear neighbor as articulated by our founding Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston,” said Regis College President Antoinette Hays, RN, PhD.

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