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Employers Recruit Well-Prepared Students with Personality from Regis

February 25, 2014

Regis hosted its second annual Jobs Fair for undergraduate and graduate students recently with great results. Twenty-two employers were present and made connections with the newest members of the workforce with majors ranging from healthcare to liberal arts to social work. Susan Kennedy, Director of Internships and Career Development at Regis, worked with students for two weeks prior to the event to ensure they were well prepared, hosting daily resume writing sessions.

All the hard work paid off. According to Casee Laznick, a recruiter from Barton Associates, "The number one for our company is personality. Regis seems like a wonderful school to recruit the type of people we're looking for." Laznick hired a Regis alumna last year.

Likewise for Tyler Reeves from Mondo who said, "People that are very personable, well-spoken, able to generate a relationship very quickly with somebody; it definitely seems like that is the type of person I meet coming out of Regis.”

Recruiters at Regis’ Jobs Fair across the board provided excellent feedback stating how impressed they were with Regis candidates. Many connections were made and interviews scheduled or the coming weeks. Recruiters invited students to connect to their LinkedIn accounts to share networks. One recruiter even offered to host a LinkedIn training class.

“It was a great boost to students’ confidence,” said Kennedy. “As we all know, it can take a while to find that perfect fit and we certainly want Regis students to have the best experience possible.”

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