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July 1, 2011

Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN Becomes President of Regis College

As the new and tenth President of Regis College, let me say welcome to all those who visit this website to learn about Regis.

I am passionate about Regis College. For a quarter of a century, its mission and the positive impact of dedicated faculty and staff on students have energized me. I expect that, as you meet our faculty and staff and matriculate in our programs, you will have a similar experience. Our success is yours – that is, the success of the student who comes here. A collective dedication engages the whole Regis community in making what may seem impossible to you, possible.

At the core of this energy and dedication at Regis is the Catholic faith that has been informed by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston and their expression of values: The pursuit of truth; service to others; social justice; outreach to the marginalized dear neighbor; commitment to excellence with gentleness, peace and joy; hospitality; inclusiveness and responsiveness to the needs of all.

Those who know Regis recognize a certain grace here. Through its generations and its people, as I have learned in meeting numerous alums, Regis does, indeed, bring light into the world. And we want to share that light near and far.

The student-centered nature of our learning community is also informed by several strong academic structures that have been fine tuned through generations of care and transformed as the world changes:

  • A solid liberal arts and sciences tradition is the historical heart of Regis College. The enduring significance of a strong liberal arts and sciences curriculum in our complex world makes it essential that this College stay committed to the education of the whole person and help lead her or him into a meaningful professional pathway.
  • In the evolving educational and professional practice needs of our society, especially in the competitive New England higher education marketplace, Regis is moving forward by fostering evidence-based, inter- professional and interdisciplinary curricula. We have also developed ten interdisciplinary “pathways of achievement” to help both our undergraduates and our non-traditional and graduate students find their professional way.
  • Our world is crossing many thresholds in the development and interrelationship of different kinds of knowledge. The necessity of the present and the wave of the future are partnerships, partnerships, partnerships – between academic institutions themselves, between academic institutions and industry, between academic institutions and hospitals, biotech, and business. Regis is already engaged in a number and variety of such partnerships.
  • At the same time as we pursue liberal arts education, interdisciplinarity, and partnerships, we recognize that graduate education at Regis – and graduate education in service of the health professions – is defining our niche and our competitive advantage. It’s a particular avenue to the future in the higher education environment and healthcare center of greater Boston. Regis College was the only institution in New England named as a “Center of Excellence in Nursing Education” by the National League of Nursing (2008-2011).

So explore this website and feel welcome. Better yet, come and visit the campus. You will experience that welcome first hand as we pursue excellence tempered by gentleness. And you will find your path and fulfill your purpose.

Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN


July 1, 2011

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