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Above: Regis Chatty Cats, student callers for the annual phonathon, gather together outside College Hall.



Top 10 Reasons To Give

  1. To show pride in your Regis College education.
  2. To demonstrate strength in numbers – even if every class member donates only $5, we’ll raise about $4,000 dollars for Regis.
  3. To support the faculty and staff who were always there for you during your four years at the College. You can even give in honor of your favorite professor, if you want.
  4. To come together as a class and raise more money than all the other classes.
  5. Because giving is better than receiving.
  6. Because giving up your Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks for one week would mean $20 for the Annual Fund, and you know it’s not hard to do. Think about it… every student giving up Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks for a week would equal over $15,000 for the Annual Fund.
  7. Because the more students who participate and give, the more money big corporations and foundations will give us in grants for improving our campus and resources.
  8. Because Regis has given you so much – a valuable education, lifelong friends, and a professional network – it’s time to give back to Regis.
  9. It will make Your education and degree stronger. A high participation rate will increase Regis’ rankings in national polls, making the College more well-known and prestigious.
  10. Because over the years, alumni of Regis have started a lifelong tradition of giving generously to provide an education for you. Now it’s your turn to make a difference.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Institutional Advancement and Annual Fund office? What do they do?

Institutional Advancement is responsible for raising funds to support the College’s everyday operating expenses. Tuition alone would not cover everything from campus maintenance to classroom updates. The Annual Fund solicits alumni and friends of Regis College to give charitable donations on a yearly basis in support of Regis and its programs. Last year, 2,530 donors supported the Regis Annual Fund. Our goal is to surpass that number this year, and you can be an integral part in making that goal a reality.

Why should I give to the Annual Fund when I’m already paying so much in tuition and/or loans?

Most people don’t know this, but the Annual Fund actually covers a big chunk of your college expenses that full tuition doesn’t cover. Full tuition is only 78 percent of a complete Regis education – the remaining 22 percent of the funding comes from donors to the College. We’re not asking for much from our current students, but even $5 from each student would make a difference in the campaign to raise money for Regis.

I was asked to give $20.11 in honor of my graduation year, but I really don’t think I can afford that. Can I give any amount that I want?

Of course! Gift amounts are only suggestions. You’re more than welcome to contribute whatever amount you feel most comfortable with. All gifts of any amount will be counted toward your class campaign in honor of your graduation year.

But how can such a small donation like $5 even make a difference?

Think about it this way – there are 798 undergraduate students at Regis. If each student gave $5, that would amount to almost $4,000. It’s all about strength in numbers. Most importantly, if Regis gets more donors than last year, we may be eligible to apply for special grants from corporations and foundations. So it’s not necessarily the amount you give, but just that you give at all, that makes a big difference.

Can I give in honor of a professor or staff member?

Definitely. If you have a favorite professor or mentor on campus, we urge you to give in honor of that person. Any gift can be in honor or in memorial of anyone.

Can my parent(s) make a gift in my name?

Sure. If they would like to send a gift on your behalf, just make sure they make note of that and include your name and class year when they mail it in or submit it online. That way, you’ll get credit for the gift and it’ll count toward your class competition totals. See ways to give.

Have my other classmates given?

We’ve started an honor roll of all students who have generously given a gift to the Annual Fund this year. Click here to see the list as well as the total raised by each class so far. Click here to make a gift and we’ll add you to the list!

When is the deadline for me to give?

Make your gift now! The student giving campaign will go all throughout the spring semester until finals week. You can give ANYTIME, but make sure to get that gift in soon so you can compete with the other classes!



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