Student Accounts Billing Policy & Procedures

The Bursar and the Office of Student Accounts are responsible for student and non-student billing, and cash receipt collection. Billing includes student tuition and fees, room and board, and other charges. Cash receipt collections include payments for these items mentioned above. Employees of this office are dedicated to the mission of the university as well as the service of its clientele.

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Billing Policy/Procedures

When are payments due for tuition bills?

All bills must be paid by the due date or upon receipt recorded on the billing statement or as displayed on Regis Access. Upon receipt means payable when received or posted to Regis Access. The exact due date or the phrase "upon receipt" will be printed on the billing statement. Bills for the fall semester are due approximately August 8 and Bills for the spring semester are due approximately December 15. Students registered for Summer Sessions will receive a bill with a specific due date or payable "upon receipt" printed on the billing statement.


Who receives the tuition bills?

All full-time traditional undergraduate bills and non-traditional graduate bills are posted to Regis Access. In addition, these bills may also be sent to the individual identified as having financial responsibility. This individual is recorded on the Department of Admission Enrollment form and is usually a parent or other legal guardian. The bills are addressed to the student or the financially responsible party and can also be viewed on-line by the student on Regis Access. If you choose to change the individual responsible for financial responsibility, an updated Admission Enrollment form is required. Please contact the Admission Department, College Hall 201, 781-768-7100 or


How can I change my billing address?

Please send your change of address in writing or by email to or immediately to the Center for Student Services located in College Hall 221.


What are the late payment fees and when will they be charged?

A late payment fee in the amount of $100 may be assessed on all outstanding balances after the due date of the billing statement. This applies to all student types including traditional full-time undergraduates and non-traditional graduate students. Additional and ongoing monthly late fees may be assessed on a 30-day period at $100 or at the rate of 1.5% per month of the unpaid outstanding balance due.


When is a student account satisfactory?

Billing statements include tentative credits for expected financial aid. This expected financial aid might include federal and state loans and grants, and outside loans. In calculating the balance due for a semester these amounts are deducted from the billing statement as if they had already been received. Tuition Management Systems (the College's third-party payment partner) monthly payment plans are also deducted from the billing statement. The College allocates one-half of the total amount due from TMS to be applicable to each semester. Please note amounts remitted from TMS will be reflected on the billing statement only when received by the College. A student account is considered satisfactory only when payment is received in full or if the total amount of actual credits combined with the total amount of expected financial aid equals or exceed the semester’s charges.


What is the difference between a tuition bill and a Statement of Account?

They are the same. These terms are used interchangeably. The tuition bill is actually a statement of account because it shows all of the transactions for the current academic year, as well as displaying the unpaid balance, at any point in time.


What happens if I am unable to pay my account balance in full by the due date?

You must visit the Bursar to establish a financial plan. We also recommend that you immediately visit the Office of Financial Aid for additional financial assistance. Financial Aid staff is available to assist you in exploring your options. Not contacting the Bursar to establish a financial payment plan will result in late payment fees. We recommend that you advise the Bursar of your financial situation in advance to avoid late payment fees.


Is tuition reimbursement from my employer a third-party sponsor?

No, not usually. Since tuition reimbursement programs usually return funds to employees directly, the College does not consider them Third Party sponsorships. You will have to pay the College by the expected billing statement due date and then obtain reimbursement from your employer.


What if I think my account is paid in full but I continue to receive statements?

This may occur for a number of reasons. In any case, you should immediately contact the Center for Student Services at 781-768-7270/7206, or go to College Hall 221. It is important to resolve this on a timely basis to avoid late fees or other ramifications.


What is a "hold"?

A hold is a restriction placed on your account, your education records, or your other privileges for failure to comply with your financial obligation. The Bursar places holds on student records for various reasons, the most common being failure to make payment by the payment due date.

Holds prevent:

  1. Registration for future terms
  2. Release of transcripts
  3. Possible continuation of services
  4. Receiving a diploma

If a student defaults on payment of a federal, state, outside or Regis College institutional loan, or fails to satisfy loan exit interview requirements, a security interest in records and services will remain in effect until all requirements are satisfied.


What do I do if my account has a hold and I am prevented from registering?

You need to find out what type of hold is on your account and then contact the appropriate office to make arrangements to rectify the situation and remove the hold. The Bursar’s Office will only remove holds upon receiving clearance from the originating office. The late registration fee is $100.


College Work Study

Do I have College Work study?

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid in the Center for Student Services located in College Hall 221, 781-768-7180/7270 or e-mail them at for more information.


Financial Aid and Your Bill

I was awarded a Perkins Loan, how do I endorse my loan check or sign the Promissory Note?

The Federal Perkins Loan fund is a revolving loan fund composed of funds placed under the College's stewardship by the U.S. Department of Education. As previously loaned amounts are repaid they are made available to current students. Since these funds are already in the College's possession, there is no check to endorse. Once you sign the Promissory Note your account will be credited with the appropriate amount of the loan awarded. Promissory notes are usually signed during the first month of the fall semester and the Office of Financial Aid will notify you when this occurs. If you are a first time Perkins borrower, you will also have to complete an entrance interview as required by federal regulations. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid, College Hall 221, 781-768-7180 or e-mail them at for more information.


How will I know when the College has received my loan funds?

Notification can be made in several ways. If you have to endorse a check, you will be notified to go to the Center for Student Services College Hall 221. If the College receives loan proceeds by electronic wire transfer (EFT), you will receive a notice in your Regis College email account that the funds have been credited to your account. Loan proceeds will also be reflected on your periodic billing statements or you may contact the Center for Student Services at 781-768-7206/7270 or e-mail us at anytime to determine if loan proceeds have been received.


How to Contact Us

Where are the Bursar and the Student Accounts Office located?

The Bursar and the Office of Student Accounts are part of the Center for Student Services and are located in College Hall 221; telephone numbers are 781-768-7206/7270. We are also available by e-mail at The Office of Student Accounts' fax number is 781-768-7209. Office hours during academic semesters are Monday-Friday 9 a.m. — 4:30 p.m. and during the summer Monday-Thursday 8 a.m. — 5 p.m and Friday 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


What should I do if I have questions concerning my account?

You should contact the Student Accounts Office by either calling 781-768-7206/7207, visiting College Hall 221, writing us at Regis, Student Accounts, 235 Wellesley Street, Weston, MA 02493, or by email at If you email us, please be certain to include your ID # so we can identify your account in our computer system. Also include a telephone number if you would like us to call you; otherwise, we will respond to your email.


Student Accounts Personnel

Marianne Kenney

Jill Krunnfusz
Collections Specialist

Fabricio Viquez
Financial Service Specialist


For more information please contact

Student Accounts

All other matters


Miscellaneous Charges and Fees

What are these miscellaneous department charges on my bill?

The miscellaneous charges listed below will appear on your bill only if they apply. The Student Accounts Office places these charges on your bill at the request of the respective department. If you have a question regarding these charges you must contact the originating department directly.

  • Library charges 781-768-7302
  • Unreturned athletic equipment 781-768-7141
  • Dorm damages 781-768-7452
  • Single room charges 781-768-7452
  • Housing status 781-768-7452
  • Traffic/parking violations 781-768-7023
  • General billing questions 781-768-7270


What charges other than tuition and room and board will I be billed for?

New full-time undergraduate students will be billed a mandatory orientation fee. All undergraduate students are charged a general security deposit refundable after graduation assuming no offsetting charges exist. Seniors will be billed a mandatory Graduation Fee. Late payment fees will be charged as required and other miscellaneous departmental charges mentioned above may be added to the bill statement during a semester. Non-traditional graduate and extended learning students are subject to per semester registration fees and student health insurance, if applicable. All students are initially charged for the cost of the health insurance plan offered by the College. Please visit Health Services to learn more about the requirement for health insurance and how to enroll in or waive the plan.


Obtaining Cash on Campus

How can a student obtain cash on campus?

A bank automated teller machine (ATM) is located in the Office of Campus Police, College Hall 102. Students may cash checks at the College Bookstore subject to management’s discretion. Payroll work-study checks may be cashed at the College Bookstore with the approval of the Business Office accompanied by a photographic ID.

A $50 charge applies to any checks returned for insufficient funds.


Other Questions

How do I get a parking decal?

Students must register their vehicles, pay the fee, and obtain the decal from the Office of Campus Police, College Hall 102. Any previously outstanding parking citations must be paid at the time of issuance of a new decal.


Payment Information

How should payment be remitted and in what form?

  1. By online payment via credit card or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) at Current Students
  2. In person by cash, check or credit card (VISA or MasterCard) at the Center for Student Services in College Hall 221.
  3. By mail, with your billing statement tear sheet which goes directly to the College lockbox at:

Regis College
c/o Century Bank/Electronic Service
PO Box 87
Medford, MA 02155


What payment plan is available?

Tuition Management Systems is the College's third-party payment plan for scheduling monthly payments. The student or other bill payer may set up a contract with TMS for the amount of tuition, fees, room and board for the semester or the entire academic year. Payments are remitted to TMS and forwarded to the College where they are applied to the student’s account. Information on TMS is provided to students and parents at the beginning of the academic year. You may also enroll on-line; see information below.

Get started at Telephone 800-722-4867.


What if a third-party agency will be paying part of my bill?

Through third party processing, a sponsor authorizes payment for tuition and other charges. The student is required to submit an authorization form to the Bursar. Once the form is completed and approved your sponsor will be billed and payment must be made directly to Regis.


Perkins Loan Program

What is the Perkins Loan Program?

The Perkins Loan Program is a campus-based federally funded revolving loan program. A federal Perkins Loan is a low interest rate (5%) loan for both undergraduate and graduate students with exceptional financial need. The university receives an annual allotment each academic year which the school distributes to students based on need. The Office of Financial Aid determines if a student qualifies for a Perkins Loan and the amount he or she qualifies for.


Helpful Links

Federal Perkins Loan Program
The Center For Debt Management


Refund Policies

What is the Refund Policy regarding tuition, fees and room and board?

These refund policies apply to a student who withdraws, drops out, takes a leave of absence, or otherwise fails to complete an enrollment period. Enrollment periods are on a semester basis for the academic year of September through May. A separate refund schedule applies to courses offered in the summer sessions.

The following schedule for semester-length courses is used to determine the portion of tuition, room and board charges, and course-related fees that will be refunded depending upon the withdrawal date from a course or from Regis. The date of withdrawal is generally considered to be the last day the student attended classes. Deposits and certain fees are not refundable at any time.

Fall and Spring Semesters

Date of Withdrawal Refund
Prior to start of classes 100%
Online Programs: During the 1st week of classes 75%
During 1st and 2nd weeks of classes 80%
During 3rd week of classes 60%
During 4th week of classes 40%
During 5th week of classes 25%
Withdrawl after the 5th week of classes No refund

Summer Semesters

Date of Withdrawal Refund
Prior to start of classes 100%
During 1st or 2nd class 80%
During 3rd class 60%
During and after 4th class No refund

The following information applies to online students only:

For students residing in Indiana: Students who voluntarily withdraw from all courses will receive a tuition refund as follows: prior to start, 0% of term = 100% refund; less than 10%of term = 90% refund; 10% up to but not including 25% = 75% refund; 25% up to but not including 50% = 50% refund; 50% up to but not including 75% = 25% refund; more than 75% = no refund. The institution will make a proper refund, within thirty-one (31) days of the student's request for cancellation. If the student has paid tuition extending beyond twelve (12) months all such charges shall be refunded.

For students residing in Maryland: Proportion of Total Course, Program, or Term completed as of Date of Withdrawal or Termination Tuition Refund: less than 10% = 90% refund; 10% up to but not including 20% = 80% refund; 20% up to but not including 30% = 60% refund; 30% up to but not including 40% = 40% refund; 40% up to but not including 60% = 20% refund; more than 60% = no refund.

For students residing in Oregon: Proportion of Total Course, Program, or Term completed as of Date of Withdrawal or Termination Tuition Refund: less than 10% = 90% refund; 10% up to but not including 20% = 80% refund; 20% up to but not including 30% = 60% refund; 30% up to but not including 40% = 40% refund; 40% up to but not including 60% = 20% refund; more than 60% = no refund.

For students residing in Wisconsin: Proportion of Total Course, Program, or Term completed as of Date of Withdrawal or Termination Tuition Refund: less than 10% = 90% refund; 10% up to but not including 20% = 80% refund; 20% up to but not including 30% = 70% refund; 30% up to but not including 40% = 60% refund; 40% up to but not including 50% = 50% refund; 50% up to but not including 60% = 40% refund; 60% and more = no refund

For more information, contact: Marianne Kenney, Bursar, 781-768-8137.


I have a credit balance on my account. What should I do to receive payment?

Requests should be made to the Student Accounts Office. If the credit balance is caused by expected financial aid or financial aid not yet received by the College, a refund cannot be issued until the College has received the funds. A check will be mailed to your home address. You may also pre-arrange to pick up the check from the Bursar.


Student Health Insurance

Do I need health Insurance?

Massachusetts law requires all students in Massachusetts to carry health insurance either on their family’s plan or their own plan, or through a student insurance plan offered by Regis College. All undergraduate students taking nine (9) credits or more and all graduate students taking 6.75 credits or more must either demonstrate proof of comparable health insurance coverage or purchase a Qualifying Student Health Insurance Plan through their institution of higher education. For more information about the plan offered by the College and how to waive or enroll, please visit Health Services.



How do I officially withdraw from classes?

A student who is withdrawing from the College must complete a withdrawal form that may be obtained at the Registrar’s Office. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the necessary authorized signatures in order to ensure that all academic and financial obligations are settled before the student withdraws. Refunds will be delayed for any student who has not properly withdrawn. A student is responsible for any charges due to the College that have not been paid at the time of withdrawal. Any scheduled refunds to be remitted to a student will first be applied to unpaid institutional charges, if applicable.


The Bursar & Student Account Office

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