Rebecca Putnam, Director

Rebecca PutnamRebecca Putnam came to Regis in 2014, having been in the field of early childhood education since 1998. Prior to Regis, she served as a director/marketing manager for 12 years. She holds a MEd in Early Childhood Education and a BS in Elementary Education. Rebecca has been an active participant in the field of early childhood education and has taken on the role of educator, supervisor, director, professor, advocate, and leader in a variety of educational settings. Her broader service to the field includes work within higher education, policy advocacy, and community service. Her educational philosophy includes looking at each child as an individual learner, and her passion is creating an environment that is safe, caring, and rich in substance and meaning for both children and their families.

Magen Michalik, Assistant Director

Magen MichalikMagen joined Regis in 2015 bringing 18 years of experience in the field of early childhood education in both the classroom and as an assistant director/director of a large program. Magen is actively pursuing her BS degree in the Humanities with a concentration in Early Childhood Education here at Regis. Magen has many favorite curriculum areas including literacy, art, and science. Magen enjoys spending time hiking and fishing with her hound dog, Austin. Her educational philosophy includes making the child the “second” teacher in the classroom so they can help in the areas that interest them most.


Sherry Parker

Sherry ParkerSherry has been teaching at Regis since 2002 in our young toddler programs. Sherry holds an AA degree in Early Childhood Education. Sherry is the mother of two children who keep her quite busy when away from Regis. She spends time gardening and exercising when not spending time with her family and friends. Sherry enjoys exploring the Regis campus with her toddler students including running on the athletic fields and taking stroller walks through the quad. Sherry loves singing and reading with the children.

Jen Nemeczy

Jen NemeczyJen has been teaching at Regis since 2015 in our older toddler program. Previously, she taught at the preschool level for eight years, sixth grade at a private school and worked in a variety of roles for the Wayland public schools. She holds a BS in Elementary Education. Jen strives to nurture a child's natural curiosity to foster their enjoyment of learning and coming to school. She especially loves literature and science, and is an avid reader herself. Jen enjoys spending time with her family – her husband (her high school sweetheart) and their three teenagers. Jen loves to spoil her bulldog, Ruby, and is a true Patriots fan!

Melissa Lariviere

Melissa LaviereMelissa has worked at Regis since 2008. She holds a BA degree in Liberal Studies from Regis focused in Sociology. As a member of our preschool team, Melissa says her strengths as a teacher are being cheerful, patient, nurturing, and, most of all, encouraging. She believes it’s important to have a positive attitude not only for the children in her classroom, but for everyone. Melissa loves to engage in creative art projects, cooking, singing and dance parties with the children and incorporates each of these into her curriculum planning. When not at Regis, she enjoys traveling and watching Boston sports. Melissa loves to laugh and will often tell jokes to her students.

Liza Monahan

Liza MonahanLiza joined Regis in 2010 and is a member of our preschool team of teachers. She holds a BA in Liberal Studies and a MAT in Elementary Education with a focus in Special Education from Regis. Liza was awarded the Graduate Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2015. Liza loves exploring the campus with her students, discovering nature and appreciating all the campus has to offer. You can often find her students on a nature walk, in the library, at “natures’ playground”, the bell tower, or in the quad. By observing and interacting with the environment and people, Liza engages her students in problem solving and resolving social conflict. She is an avid runner, and can often be found on the track or the running trails.

Alison Dolan

Alison DolanAlison returned to Regis in 2016, as both alum and a teacher in our younger toddler program. Alison focused on Early Childhood Studies while at Regis and then earned her MEd in Early Childhood Education at Framingham State. Interested in developing an even deeper understanding of our youngest learners, Alison has taken post graduate classes in the field at Texas Woman’s University. Alison loves reading, and sharing her love for literacy with children by exposing them to a wide range of story times. When not at Regis, she enjoys spending time with her fiancé and their rescue dog Bing.

Kim Corrente

Kim CorrenteKim joined Regis in 2016 with the reopening of the kindergarten classroom. Kim holds a BS in Early Childhood Education and has taken additional classes at the Masters level. Kim has been teaching kindergarten for the past 15 years in a private school, combining a level of instruction and independent exploration into a well-rounded curriculum. Kim’s educational philosophy is to utilize the strengths of each child and build upon those to tackle any challenges the students face. Kim places a high value on service learning, young entrepreneurship and global citizenship in her classroom.

Stephanie Rose

Stephanie RoseStephanie started working at Regis Children’s Center in 2016 in the toddler classroom. Previously she worked at a school for five years as a toddler teacher and Program Specialist. She has her bachelor’s degree from Boston College. Stephanie has a real passion for art and enjoys incorporating art projects and activities into the classroom as often as possible. She also enjoys bringing her class outside to explore in nature and have adventures around the campus. Stephanie enjoys spending her free time with her family, especially her nephew and niece.

Jackie Fluet

Jackie has been teaching since the beginning of 2017 in our Pre-K program. She holds a BS in Elementary Education and graduated from Westfield State University in 2015. Jackie brings out the fun side of learning and strives to make discovering new things enjoyable and exciting. She especially loves children's literature and the way that books can bring us to another place without actually leaving the classroom. She incorporates a multitude of art as well as song and dance in the classroom as she believes it is important that we express ourselves in many different ways. Jackie enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, as well as camping, writing, and soaking up the sun at the beach!

Bridget Narpiel

Bridget NarpielBridget joined the Regis Children Center (RCC) community in 2016. Prior to working at RCC, Bridget has five years of experience working with children in various settings. She holds a BA in Business Management with a concentration in Early Childhood Education and is working towards her Master’s degree in Teaching - Special Education. Bridget is warm, welcoming and nurturing to all children. She enjoys learning from her students as much as they learn from her.

Rachael Wood

Rachael WoodRachael began as a teacher in September of 2016 after completing her undergraduate degree from Regis in Liberal Arts with a focus in elementary education. In 2017 Rachael received her MAT with a focus in special education. Rachael is now a part of the toddler team where she shares her love for crafts and exploring with her students. Rachael loves taking her class outside to see what the campus has to offer. Outside of Regis Rachael enjoys running, skiing, traveling, and watching the Red Sox.

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