Children’s Center Philosophy

Children on a nature walk in the woodsThe Regis College Children's Center believes that educating and caring for young children should take place in an atmosphere that is safe, loving, and nurturing for children as well as for parents and teachers. This type of environment fosters trust and builds a sense of security and belonging.

We believe in educating the whole child. All developmental domains- social, emotional, physical, intellectual and aesthetic are equally important. Experiences targeting all of these areas are woven into the entire day. Through active exploration, children engage in many stimulating experiences. The curriculum is developmentally age-appropriate and is implemented with attention given to each child's individual interests and needs.

An extremely high value is placed upon the process in which children engage in play. All of the activities and interactions provided ensure that children gain the experience with their environment and their own capabilities needed for them to develop feelings of worth, competence and pride. The conventional definition of teacher does not appropriately describe the faculty of the Regis College Children's Center. It is our belief that we are best able to aid children by serving as facilitator to their own natural development.

Parents are viewed by Regis College Children's Center as crucial in the process of developing young children. Ongoing communication and trust are the most important factors in forming a relationship between the family and the Center. We strive to build a positive relationship with families through consistent communication and parent events.

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Regis College Children’s Center: Philosophy
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Philosophy of the Regis College Children’s Center