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A Message from the Director of Public Safety

Regis College represents a major metropolitan suburban university campus and thereby is an integral part of the surrounding area in which it is located. The students, faculty and staff play a vital role in helping shape the character of the community.

Metropolitan Boston presents unlimited opportunities to experience the advantages of life in a world class metropolitan area; however, each one of us must keep in mind that the potential for crime is ever present. It is because of this potential of criminal activity that all of us must assume a personal responsibility and maintain an ever present vigil of our surroundings, both on and off campus. The taking of those necessary precautions is a direction that all of us must follow to prevent ourselves from becoming a potential victim.

The Regis College Police Department is made up of men and women dedicated to the principles of community policing, as well as to the goal of maintaining the Regis campus as a safe and pleasant place in which to live, and work, both as members of academia and as student athletes. A truly safe campus can be achieved through the mutual cooperation of all students, faculty and staff with the emphasis on those programs that accentuate a positive direction and the role that those programs play in their affirmative guidance towards maintaining a safe and secure Regis community.

Francis M. Bielawski
Director of Public Safety

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  (ext 7777 on campus)

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Campus Police
College Hall, Room 102

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