Public Relations

The work of public relations at Regis is considered a communal function centered in the Office of the President, who is Regis’ chief representative and communicator to government, society, the media, the Church, and other colleges and universities.

The entire Regis community participates in the development of Regis communications and press releases. Different departments, faculty members, staff members, students, or alumni are routinely engaged in communication tasks related to their particular endeavors. Members of the Regis Community who have a potential story are invited to fill out the News Coverage Proposal form and send it to

Public relations at Regis has a set of goals

  • To mark the participation of Regis in the rich higher educational environment of Greater Boston and New England
  • To convey the values and historical legacy of Regis as founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston and as Regis aims to meet higher educational needs of “the dear neighbor” and diverse populations of undergrads and graduate students in the twenty-first century
  • To communicate the actions, achievements, and activities of various groups and members of the Regis community to the general public
  • To help fulfill Regis’ commitment to serve and to lead to the general public

Currently, Kelley Tuthill, Vice President of Public Relations and Communications, works on a range of communications tasks with Regis President Antoinette M. Hays, Ph.D., R.N. and the members of the Administrative Council.

John Barry handles sports information reporting and athletic events press releases on campus.

Published news articles and the final versions of Regis press releases are posted on the web and can be viewed on our news page.

Kelley Tuthill

Vice President of Public Relations and Communications
College Hall 219

Regis College: Public Relations