A Message from the President

The Regis College learning community continues to grow in academic stature, student-centered scope, and technological access and innovation. We are a small and thriving Catholic university, with equal numbers of undergraduate and graduate students, and a reputation pushing well beyond regional borders.

Regis College is also identified around the nation by the National League of Nursing as a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education, with multiple access points for various degrees in health professions and nursing, all the way through the Doctorate of Nursing Practice.

A special endeavor on the global stage is the Regis College Haiti Project, which educates nursing faculty in Haiti to help rebuild the human infrastructure in that earthquake-devastated country. The Haiti Project has been recognized by the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund with significant funding.

Locally, too, we are “building” the campus infrastructure that students need to succeed. A solid liberal arts and sciences tradition is the historical heart of Regis College, and we continue to  advance it. The enduring significance of a strong liberal arts and sciences curriculum in our complex world makes it essential that we stay committed to the education of the whole person, and help lead each student into a meaningful professional pathway.

At the core of the energy and dedication that permeate Regis is the Catholic faith that has been informed by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston and their expression of values: the pursuit of truth; service to others; social justice; outreach to the marginalized dear neighbor; commitment to excellence with gentleness, peace and joy; hospitality; inclusiveness and responsiveness to the needs of all. The practical side of this kind of dedication shows up in campus-wide strategic planning. Ours is not a strategic plan that sits on a shelf, but an actual tool for implementation so that Regis College will be the best that it can be.

In the evolving educational and professional practice needs of our society, especially in the competitive New England higher education marketplace, Regis is moving forward by fostering evidence-based, interprofessional and interdisciplinary curricula. We have also developed ten interdisciplinary “pathways of achievement” to help both our undergraduates and our non-traditional and graduate students find their professional way.

Explore this website and you’ll see what I mean. Better yet, visit our campus. Come experience find your path and fulfill your purpose.

Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN


Regis College President's Office: A Message from the President
A Message from the President
A Message from the President