This department is responsible for processing payroll for faculty, administration, and students. It also verifies health insurance provider invoices, processes Section 125 payments, and monthly retirement plan payments.

Frequently Asked Payroll Questions

How do I arrange for direct deposit of my pay?

Complete an Authorization for Direct Deposit form or visit the payroll office, College Hall Room 205.

How do I change my personal exemptions? How do I arrange for additional federal or state income taxes to be withheld from my pay?

You must complete a new IRS Form W-4 Exemption and Withholding Statement. Changes in personal exemptions or requesting the withholding of additional taxes are changed using the W-4 form.

What is the staff administration payroll schedule and when are attendance records (time cards) and leave reports due?

In early January of each year the Human Resources Office distributes to all employees a pay period ending, pay date, and due date schedule for attendance records and leave reports for the new calendar year. Contact the Office of Human Resources at 781-768-7210 for a bi-weekly payroll schedule.

Time cards and leave reports are due the Thursday prior to the Saturday marking the end of the bi-weekly pay period; this always falls on a Saturday. In some cases estimates may be required of hours being worked on Friday and Saturday. Differences between actual hours worked and estimates are adjusted in the next bi-weekly pay period.

The pay date is the Thursday following the end of the bi-weekly pay period. Periodically holidays or college days off conflict with the schedule. If this occurs, Wednesday after the pay period ending becomes the pay date. The faculty is paid the first business day of the month.

Payroll Contact

Tina Chartrand

Payroll Administrator
College Hall 201

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