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Special Edition of President's Notes

November 8, 2012

A Pictorial Blog from Japan by President Toni Hays with photographs supplied by CDO Miriam Sherman

Kyoto Reception At Hatoya Zuihoukaku

Kyoto Alumnae Dinner
We had a very special dinner with some of our Japanese alumnae in Kyoto, enjoying a delicious meal of traditional Japanese food... and becoming quite proficient with Japanese dining utensils!
Kyoto Special Gift

On the right I am displaying the special gift I received from our alumnae in Kyoto
Kyoto Alumnae Dinner

Another photograph from our dinner with Kyoto alumnae... Go Regis!
Mariko Ozawa and daughter

Here I am with Alum Mariko Ozawa and her daughter – a future Regis student!
Keiko Kanai & Mika Sato
Alums Keiko Kanai and Mika Sato with CDO, Miriam Sherman, and me in Kyoto, Japan. Keiko and Mika were instrumental in organizing our wonderful receptions in Japan.
Welcome Regis College

A Regis College welcome banner written in Japanese
School Boys
These school boys came up to us at the Hiroshima Peace Park. As part of their English assignment they asked us about our visit and asked to pose with us. So we asked to pose with them, too.

Trip To Kyoto Notre Dame University (KNDU)

Kyoto Notre DameIn this photo, from left to right: Ms. Kazumi Inoue, International Education Center at KNDU, Miriam Sherman, CDO, me, Notre Dame President Minoru Yabuuchi, Professor Katsuaki Okihara, Director of International Education Center at KNDU, and Ms. Mikiko Sakakida, Director, Office of the President, KNDU
Tea House

Trees and rocks and even postcards saturated with thoughts must all speak to one another in hushed voices.
– Shusaku Endo

Mikiko Sakakida showed me the special "tea house" on the campus of Kyoto Notre Dame University. Decades ago, Regis students used to call Morrison House their teahouse.
English Course

Here I am speaking to students in an English course at Kyoto Notre Dame University
President Minoru Yabuuchi

President Minoru Yabuuchi of Kyoto Notre Dame University and I enjoyed meeting and talking about higher education in the world picture today.

Trip To St. Joseph’s High School In Tsu, Japan

St. Joseph Girls' High School
Yesterday we visited St. Joseph High School in Tsu, Japan. Here, I am with Sister Grace Saito, CSJ, Principal and Anthony Hollinghurst, English teacher.
St. Joseph Girls' High School Student

To the left is a picture of me with Sister Grace and a student interested in coming to Regis!
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