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July 2, 2013

Although President’s Notes is enjoying a brief, year-end hiatus, we’ve had so much news in the the past two weeks that I thought I would send around a special edition.

First of all, we must celebrate that fact that Regis has received a Cummings Foundation/One World Boston grant of $100, 000. over two years as seed money to help us launch a new Center for Global Connections: As the Cummings Foundation itself announces it:

The grant announcement was made officially on June 19 at a gathering of recipients held in the Atrium of the Trade Center in Woburn, and I wish to acknowledge the Honorable Carol Donovan, Regis ’59, MA, Massachusetts Representative Emerita, for her participation in the process. Here are some photographs of members of our team at the gathering.

Over the next two years, this seed money will help the College establish the infrastructure for global student academic and service learning initiatives, including the support of foreign students and faculty coming to Regis, faculty engagement in international research and conferences, and life-long learning programming for alumni – all under a CGC director who will identify academically meritorious and financially disadvantaged scholars to participate in important international initiatives.

Doris Lynch Regis ’45, MEd, Mr. Bill Cummings (the inspiration and philanthropist behind the Cummings Foundation) and Carol DonovanLeft to right: Doris Lynch Regis ’45, MEd, Mr. Bill Cummings (the inspiration and philanthropist behind the Cummings Foundation) and Carol Donovan. The photos are provided by the Cummings Foundation and Flicker.

To establish an Institute for Global Connections as a "home base" for both new and existing international programs for students, faculty, and alumni.

Cummings Foundation/One World Boston grant

Left to right: Judith Spellman Spang ’81; Carol Donovan ’59; Doris Lynch ’45; Joel Swets. Executive Director of the Cummings Foundation; Rose Darlene Bousset ,Haitian Nursing Faculty Member studying at Regis this summer, Dr. Nancy Street, Director of the Regis College Haiti Project; Shawna Erickson, Regis College Grant Officer, and Miriam Finn Sherman ’98, Regis College Chief Development Officer.

Regis College already has a developing global footprint in the lives of our multicultural graduate and undergraduate students, as well as our community service to Peru, our International Nurse Faculty Partnership Initiative in Haiti, and other forms of outreach that express our educational commitment to the social justice side of globalization. This grant allows the College to move our efforts to the next level. I am deeply appreciative and thank Regis alumna Carol Donovan ’59 the Cummings Foundation/ One World Boston and for recognizing our work.

You may also be aware that a discussion has been going on in the news media in higher-education- minded greater Boston regarding the liberal arts, humanities and internships. Two weeks ago (June 17), Harvard was in the news for “thinking about” providing internships to its liberal arts undergrads, and on June 21 an article on “The Humanities: The Practical Degree” by Carlo Rotella was in The Boston Globe.

This was followed by several letters to the editor, some of the writers proposing (as I would) a both-and rather than an either-or perspective on the humanities and social sciences and the hard sciences: I am happy to report that on internships we are ahead of the curve. I asked Susan Clancy Kennedy, Director of Internships and Career Placement at Regis, to compose some of her thoughts on the subject of the liberal arts and internships, what we are doing at Regis and why it is ahead of the curve. Her op-ed appeared on June 21 in Metrowest Daily News at the following link. Hope you enjoy reading it! And thank you, Susan, for your insights on the liberal arts, internships, and hope for the humanities.

Meanwhile, the Regis College Haiti Project summer semester has been going on full speed ahead, and on Wednesday evening, June 26, we recognized our Haitian Nurse Faculty Colleagues for completion of this phase of their graduate studies at a reception at 4 p.m. in CH Foyer. Special thanks to Director, Nancy White Street, D. Sci., and co-ordinator Cherlie Normilus, and all of the Regis faculty members who give themselves so generously to this project. We appreciated having Irma Bois, the Director of Nursing in the Haitian Ministry of Health with us, too, as well as our friend Sheila Davis of Partners in Health. Our Haitian colleagues have returned home to Haiti now, but we’ll be seeing them again this autumn.

Through LASPAU (Academic and Professional Programs for the Americas, affiliated with Harvard University and known by its Spanish acronym) we have connected with Yves Vilton, a LASPAU- administered Fulbright Faculty Development grantee from Haiti, who has now been accepts into our Master of Science program in Regulatory and Clinical Research Management. LASPAU promotes the development of human capital, social inclusion and economic growth in Latin America and the Caribbean by strengthening higher education, building institutional capacity and fostering academic innovation.

The College is gearing up for the Association of Colombianists XVIII Conference to be held here at the end of the second week of July, July 10-13, under Professor Lucia Ortiz’s co-direction.

Association of Colombianists XVIII Conference

On June 18, of course, we had a wonderful Staff Appreciation Luncheon in the FAC Atrium. Staff Appreciation LuncheonHere I am making some remarks while Christine Resendes and Joan Sullivan ‘81, Director of Human Resources, and Tammy Rice (not shown) are the planners of the Staff Appreciation Luncheon and awards. Below on the right Admission Director Wanda Suriel and admission counselor Katelynn Shea enjoy the begonias they won. And below left, if we thought the line up for delicious grilled chicken, burgers, and Greek salad was serious, it was nothing like the ice cream sundae line as Tara Brady, Director of Development, Associate Dean, Graduate Affairs Claudia Pouravelis, and Associate Dean, Undergraduate Affairs, David Gilmore demonstrate on the next page. I think that’s Jill Rosen, Program Director, Lifelong Learning, hidden between Claudia and David.

Staff Appreciation LuncheonAnd last but not least, the Student Affairs team at Regis College has announced Orientation 2013 for July 29-30 as they work to ensure the academic and personal success of our students -- from the day they enroll, to the day they graduate (and every day in between). For the newest members

of our undergraduate community -- both first-year and transfer students -- the journey begins with Orientation. Here students meet classmates and choose roommates, participate in social activities, learn about campus life, register for classes, and more.

Orientation is a two-day, overnight program for both residential and commuter students. Because Orientation is essential to getting off to a great start at Regis, all first-year and transfer students are required to attend.

Our international students unable to attend July Orientation are required to join us for International Student Orientation from August 30- September 1, 2013.

As the month of June ended, the campus was saddened to learn of the deaths of Frank Cooney, a member of our Campus Police Force, and Steve Desmond, a brother of Joan Sullivan, Director of Human Resources, as well as the mother of Esther Ghazarian, our Registrar. So this very green month of June with its perigee moon has had sorrow in it as well. Both the wonderful Staff Appreciation luncheon organized by Joan and her staff on June 18 and the memorial liturgy for Frank tells us who we are, though – a loving community, a Regis village, and our thoughts and prayers remain with Joan, Esther, and Frank’s family. My gratitude to campus ministers Sister Betsy Conway, CSJ, Father Paul Kilroy, and Pastor Lesette Wright.

May you all have a wonderful Fourth of July! Enjoy the cookouts, the Pops and one another. We are especially mindful this Fourth of July of all of the needs and aspiration of our country, of everyone in Boston at the largest gathering since the Marathon.

I am very proud of our faculty and students who are out there this summer volunteering in various ways in community service. I just heard, for example of seven Regis College nurse practitioner students – Katy Tavares, Alana Ngo, Rachelle Cruz, Rorn Seng, Noelle Fura, and Katy Verrette – who volunteered at Boston Medical Center’s recent Health & Fitness Expo at the Hynes Auditorium, working with the BNC dermatology team to instruct people on sun and safety.

Again, President’s Notes will officially resume in August, but who knows, I may just have to send some news around later this month, too.

Staff Appreciation Luncheon

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