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President's Notes IV.5

October 17, 2014

Greetings, with wishes that mid-terms (!) are going well. I have a lot of administrative announcements to make in this issue of “President’s Notes.”


Faculty and staff are invited to attend the Office of Student Affairs professional development program today in CH 202 at 12:30 p.m. on the topic of “bystander intervention.”

As well, may I point you to Vice President Kara Kolomitz’s blog entry on October 9 in Across the Board on balancing “Duty to Report, Right to Privacy, and Commitment to Care” as Regis proactively takes a stand on eliminating sexual assaults and other forms of violence on college campuses. You may find it here.

Apple picking at Honey Pot FarmsOn Monday, October 13, the Office of International Student Services in conjunction with the International Club hosted a trip to Honey Pot Hill Farms in Stow, MA for a day of traditional, New England fall fun. The weather was warm and the apples were ripe for a day of apple picking. The students had a great time learning about the different types of apples, climbing trees for the perfect apples, and taking in the beautiful fall leaves. At the end of the trip, the students were very excited to look up recipes for homemade apple pie and apple sauce, as well as enjoying the freshest fruit around.

I hear from James Guaragna that the Senior Class Yearbook is well under way for the Class of 2015. Student Affairs will partner with TreeRing Corporation to publish the first Digital Yearbook at Regis College. Students may purchase a digital copy directly from TreeRing or choose to purchase a bound copy -- the best of both worlds. A team of fourteen Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors led by Editor in Chief, Sidney Keilty, will give the Class of 2015 a takeaway from Regis College that they can treasure forever, online or on their mantle. Also, for the first time ever, Student Affairs will offer each graduating Senior the option to create two personal pages at the end of their Yearbook! This means they can add in their own photos, imbed video, or include text to these two pages and have it included only in their yearbook. Best of all, students get to design these personal pages themselves, online, at no additional cost. If you have any questions regarding the yearbook, please direct them to James Guaragna at 781-768-7102.

Special Announcement

Starting in Winter Intersession 2015, a new initiative will benefit our undergraduate students in need of affordable general education courses while aiding in their progression to degree completion. Effective immediately, the summer sessions and winter intersession tuition rates for our general education courses will be $200.00/credit hour for our full-time, traditional undergraduate students. This is part of our effort to alleviate the financial burden of those of our students who are taking general education courses at Regis outside of the traditional semesters and to retain these students. Additionally, online course offerings will allow those students who return home during breaks to still enroll in Regis coursework. To enroll, undergraduates will need the approval of their advisor. Any questions should go to Assoc. Dean, Graduate Affairs, Claudia Pouravelis, EdD, and Assoc. Dean, Undergraduate Affairs, David Gilmore. During Winter Session 2015, the following courses will be available:

HFS 208 Responding To Emergencies: First Aid, Cpr
MT 235 Software Applications For Business
PH 101 Introduction To Philosophy
PS 233 Introduction To Human Development
RS 215 Catholicism: A Contemporary Perspective
SP 100A Spanish For Health Professionals (Beginner)
SW 202 Introduction To Social Services


In the October 2 “President’s Notes,” I mentioned that Leslie Mandel PhD, MSM, Associate Professor of Health Administration/Public Health, had a publication accepted into the Journal of Genetic Counseling: N. Carmichael, J. Tsipis, G. Windmueller, L. Mandel, and E. Estrella, have jointly written, “Is it going to hurt? The impact of the diagnostic odyssey on children and their families.” The article has now been published online.

As most of you know, Associate Professor of English and former Chair of the Department, Patricia Elliot, PhD, retired this past summer after the announcements about other faculty members who were retiring had gone out this spring and just before “President’s Notes” took a summer break. I am taking the opportunity here to tell you that Pat has retired and would like everyone to know, including former students, that she can still be reached via Regis email. We wish you well, Pat!

Physical activity & nutrition fairCathy Fuller, Director, Health and Fitness Studies, tells me that the Health and Fitness Department will be sponsoring a physical activity and nutrition fair in early November – a free afternoon of physical activities and healthy nutrition for preschool and elementary age children conducted by Health and Fitness majors. Stay tuned for details.


Gail Hanson-Mayer (APRN, CS, MPH), who is an Advanced Practice Nurse at Walden Behavioral Care, Waltham, MA, and who has worked with athletes with eating disorders at Walden and as Director of Counseling Services at Regis, will have an article on the subject entitled “Athletes More Susceptible to Eating Disorders,” in the online sports magazine, The Locker Room, on November 8, 2014.

AthletesCheck out the blog entry on October 10 of Vice President Paul Vaccaro, Enrollment, Communications and Marketing, on “the New World Order of Enrollment: Know Thyself. Paul has been asked to give the keynote at this year’s New England Association of Graduate Admission Professionals (NEGAP) annual conference, to be held at Bryant University on November 13-14. His topic will be on how graduate education is impacting the new world order of enrollment management. Way to go, Paul!

Paul has also filled faculty and staff in on changes in the Admission Office. I am summarizing here in case that message has not reached you yet:

  1. The Undergraduate Admission Office has moved to Alumni Hall.
  2. Vice President Vaccaro has assumed the role of interim Admission Director until further notice. He will keep office hours in both Alumni Hall and College Hall until a new director is identified and, from the College Hall office, his executive assistant Donna Papapietro will be responsible for managing schedules at both sites.
  3. Catherine Carriere has been promoted to Senior Associate Director of Undergraduate Admission, where she will continue to spearhead our critical efforts in transfer admission and serve in a high leadership role within the office.
  4. Aubrey Grabowski has been promoted to Senior Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission.
  5. The College’s part-time International Admission Counselor position has been turned into a full-time position reporting out of the Center for Global Connections.
  6. Chizu Shiono will remain on the undergraduate admissions staff on a part-time basis through the end of the calendar year, assisting us in domestic recruitment and early action file reading.
  7. Rachael McConney has been hired as an Admission Counselor.
  8. Jake Santamaria and Taylor Patterson have joined our staff as roadrunners for the fall season, and they are currently out on the recruitment trail helping to promote the college.

Vice President, Academic Affairs, Malcolm O. Asadoorian, PhD, has also announced several changes in our advising organizational structures and personnel responsibilities:

  • All academic advising is under the auspices of the Office of Academic Affairs and under Malcolm’s supervision to best support faculty members in their role as academic advisors for our students.
  • David Gilmore, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Affairs & Co-Director of First Year Experience (FYE) will establish consistency of advising of first year students and post-FYE. The Directors of Academic Advising and Academic Student Services will be working under David’s direction as well as Malcolm’s. David will also be working in close collaboration with Walt Horner as Associate Dean of Student Affairs & Co-Director of FYE.
  • Associate Dean of the School of Liberal Arts, Education, and Social Sciences (SLAESS) & FYE Advising Transition Liaison, Dr. Mary Anne Vetterling, will serve as the FYE Advising Transition Liaison and support academic advising to help with the effective transitioning of FYE students, particularly during their first semester of the sophomore year. Mary Anne will provide guidance and advisement to these first semester sophomores on the selection of a major (for undecided majors after completion of FYE) in consultation with Department Chairs/Program Directors in both Schools.
  • Dr. Deb Cohen, Director of Academic Advising, is now focused on systematic faculty development, training, and institutional support as well as oversight and administration of the entire academic advising system (graduate and undergraduate).
  • Ms Rachel Arno, Director of Academic Student Services, is focused on institutional transfer evaluation, Starfish monitoring and management, and Academic Affairs support around academic integrity, appeals, and related student academic matters.
  • Registrar Esther Ghazarian, working under the direction of the VPAA in collaboration with Ms. Marla Botelho as Chief Information Officer, is supporting academic advising by maximizing the efficient and effective utilization of the degree audit as the primary tool for faculty to advise students

Director of Advising, Undergraduate Nursing – Beginning this academic year, Mary Beth Scanlon has assumed this position as a full-time faculty member working under the direction of the School of Nursing, Science and Health Professions (SNSHP) Dean and Associate Dean of Nursing to ensure that all undergraduate Nursing students receive a high quality education, effective advisement and equitable academic processes. In addition, Mary Beth is overseeing the advisement and/or advising prospective Nursing majors in negotiating a career path in which they can be successful.

SLAESS Faculty Advising Liaison - In the past, faculty benefitted from additional resources (i.e., Class Advisors) to support their advising of students. In an effort to provide some additional support appropriate and consistent with our faculty advising model, Ms. Naomi Kooker has been designated as the SLAESS Faculty Advising Liaison. In this role, she will be available to consult with faculty on questions regarding requirements of SLAESS programs, core curriculum requirements and degree audits as SLAESS faculty are advising their students.

SNSHP Faculty Advising Liaison - Similar to SLAESS, Dr. Leslie Bishop will be serving as the SNSHP Faculty Advising Liaison consulting with faculty on questions regarding requirements of SNSHP programs, core curriculum requirements and degree audits as SNSHP faculty are advising their students. Essentially, both the SLAESS and SNSHP Faculty Advising Liaisons will be serving as a resource for faculty advisors to trouble-shoot issues (e.g., degree audit discrepancies) and help find solutions to individual student advising problems as faculty advise their students.

Liberal Studies Advisor – In her continuing role, Dr. Nicoletta Pellegrino will be supporting the overall academic advising process by working with the SLAESS and SNSHP Faculty Advising Liaisons and the FYE Advising Transition Liaison to help faculty and students. For those students who remain undecided or undeclared after first semester sophomore year, they will be assigned to Dr. Pellegrino as their academic advisor.

As well, Dr. Asadoorian and VP Kara Kolomitz, Student Affairs, collaborate in planning and mutual consultation when it comes to the good of students.

Carolyn Sager, MLS, Information Services Director at the Regis College Library, has announced access to several new EBSCO research databases on a trial basis for the Fall semester:

  • Business Source Complete & Business Source Premier
    • Business Source Complete is a collection of scholarly articles, industry reports, company profiles and much more, including online videos from the Harvard Faculty Seminar Series. Business Source Premier is similar but provides slightly less coverage.
  • Education Source
    • This massive database offers the world's largest and most complete collection of full-text education journals and more.
  • SPORTDiscus
    • This comprehensive database covers key areas of sports medicine and related fields. Content areas range from sports physiology and sports psychology to physical education and recreation. It is ideal for researchers studying different aspects of fitness, health, and sport studies.

Speaking of the library, let me call attention to the Across the Board blog entry by VP Susan Tammaro, PhD, on Regis being an “innovation hub.” The times are changing and we are changing with them!

Grad Students

Heather MuellerThe Office of Graduate Affairs is very pleased to note that our graduate programs are developing some national as well as local appeal. Regionally in New England a good number – over 50 – have either moved to Massachusetts or commute from Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. Others hail from as far west as Arizona and Texas or Virginia, and several come from overseas – China, Saudi Arabia, Haiti. Pictured at left is Heather Mueller, a graduate student who completed her Masters in Regulatory and Clinical Research Management last May - most of it on line while she remained in Texas! Heather was on campus graduation week when this photograph was taken.

Graduate Affairs also happily announces the Graduate Student Government Executive Board for the 2014-2015 Academic Year. The e-board members are:

President: Alexa Nicholls, accelerated Nurse Practitioner program
Vice President: Alexandra Rogers, accelerated Nurse Practitioner program
Treasurer: Bianca Farro, accelerated Nurse Practitioner program
Secretary: Ben Remillard, Heritage Studies
Parliamentarian (SGA Liaison): Yves Vilton, Regulatory and Clinical Research Management

Grad Students should check out Associate Dean Claudia Pouravelis’s blog entry for October 9 in Across the Board on our new partnerships with Stonehill and Assumption to help fast track the Master’s degree. You will find the blog here; just scroll down to Claudia’s entry. And the press releases on these and other such agreements may be found here and here

“Degree Audit”

Students – both grad and undergrad – are welcoming the new “Degree Audit” tool that helps them review their curriculum requirements and decide on classes for upcoming semesters in relation to completion of the degree.

If you are close to finishing your program, the Degree Audit is a great way to confirm that you have met all requirements. As Associate Dean Pouravelis explained in an e-mail to grad students, to access Degree Audit, take the following steps:

  1. Log-in to Regis Access and click on “Students Menu”
  2. Under “Academic Profile”, click on “Degree Audit”
  3. Select the program you would like to evaluate from the “Program Evaluation” form by clicking on the circle to the left of the program’s name
  4. Click the submit button to display the degree audit

I mention it here because, of course, the Degree Audit is also a great tool for faculty members, particularly faculty advisors. As you use it, let Claudia, David, and CIO Marla Botelho know if you experience any glitches. As in any new system you can only find the gaps and fine tune the system when you hear back from the people using it about their experience.


Regis women’s volleyball defeated Bay Path on Tuesday night, and we are all proud of our team and of player Sydney Trusty. See here.

I heard from Nursing faculty members Pat McCauley and Diane Welsh that our faculty are working with Nursing students in our labs using a letter from Dr. Nicole Lurie at the federal Health and Human Services office regarding EBOLAf. The are thinking about pulling a program together for all of our health professions students - a collaborative effort to teach future healthcare providers.

In lighter news, political satirist Mark Russell is appearing at the FAC this Friday evening, Oct. 17. Read about that here, and get your tickets now from Nancy Rosata.

President’s Office

ConvocationI received a very nice letter from Father Terrence P. Devino, SJ, Vice President and University Secretary at Boston College, after his participation in our Convocation as guest speaker on September 9. Father Terry notes that his full calendar initially gave him doubts why he was doing this, but when he arrived and found himself at Regis, “alive with activity and with such a welcoming spirit,” joining Regis faculty on the march down the front drive, with students lining the road and applauding, that “it was for me immediately a tremendous experience.” Having you here was good for us, too, Father Terry, and thank you for writing! The photo on the left shows philosophy prof Bernard Jackson, Director of Campus Ministry Sister Betsy Conway, CSJ, and Father Terry descending the front steps of College Hall.


As part of an ongoing effort by the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees, conversations with the campus community, and in accord with higher education best practices, Regis College has approved the policy documents below in an effort to update its policymaking process.

Policy on Policies

On May 29, 2014 the Board of Trustees approved the Regis College Policy on Policies. In general, this document creates a uniform framework for the adoption of College-wide policies. This policy further requires that all College policies follow a uniform format and be available throughout the College community.

Policy Adoption Procedure

Following the Board of Trustee’s action, the Administrative Council approved a Policy Adoption Procedure to implement the Policy on Policies. This procedure provides the specific steps a community member may follow to propose a new College-wide policy. This procedure further establishes general guidelines individual departments or offices should follow to implement policies on the departmental or office level.

More Information

The Policy on Policies and Policy Adoption Procedure will soon be available on RegisNet.

Adam Thrasher, Risk Manager ( or x7369) is available to answer particular questions about these new documents and will be meeting with individual offices to provide further information.

Last week I was privileged to host Regis honorary degree recipient and friend Kathryn Erat and Sister Mary Owens, an Irish religious who arrived in Kenya in 1969 and since 1992 has been dedicated to creating and sustaining the Nymbani Village orphanage – the first and largest facility in Kenya for HIV+ orphans and their elders. Regis students in the Erat Scholars program visited Nyumbani a few summers ago, and this past summer alums Jeff Parrish and Lauren Doherty returned there on their own as volunteers. Read more in my blog post at “Across the Board” on October 13.

President Hays with Governor PatrickI was very pleased to host current and former Trustees on the evening of September 25. The turnout was excellent and we were honored to have current Board Chair Joan Shea and three past Chairs of the Board with us (Sylvia Simmons, PhD, Ellen O’Connor, MBA, and Donna Norris, MD) as well as my predecessor as president, Mary Jane England, MD, and, of course, our good friend, Trustee Richard Young, PhD.

On Tuesday evening this week, I attended the Boston Bar Association event, along with Carmenelisa Perez-Kudzma, Assistant Professor and Director of Paralegal and Legal Studies. The event honored Governor Deval Patrick with its fifth annual Beacon Award for Diversity & Inclusion, in celebration of his groundbreaking efforts to create a more diverse judiciary in the state of Massachusetts. I had the chance to meet Governor Patrick along with Associate Justice Wilbur P. Edwards, Jr.

Yesterday morning I was at Emmanuel College for an AICUM meeting of Presidents with MA Senator Stanley Rosenberg, who will be leading the Senate come January. Among various topics, we spoke together about town-gown relationships (student housing and behavior) and public-private partnerships of colleges and universities that will help grow the Massachusetts economy.

Last night our office of Institutional Advancement hosted a wonderful gathering of Trustees, donors, and friends of Regis College at the annual President’s Association reception.

Today we have the Board of Trustees annual meeting.

It’s been a busy week and things are moving! The next issue of the President’s Notes should be out on October 30.

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