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President's Notes III.6

November 7, 2013

At the Peak in Hong KongLike everyone in Boston and in the Boston diaspora around the world, the Regis campus was fixated on the World Series in late October. Travelling in Asia to visit alums & schools, I am happy to say I was able to watch the glorious and winning night Game 6 live in Hong Kong on the morning of October 31! Twelve hours difference. Here I am with Trustee Ellen Kearns ’67, JCD, and Vice President Miriam Sherman at the peak in Hong Kong on October 26 on the right and, China Clubon the upper left, with alums Julia Chen Fung ’67 and Shirley Lee Zao ’68 at the China Club for lunch on October 29. Julia and her husband Victor, a MIT graduate, were most hospitable, Fung yachtincluding a tour on their beautiful yacht (left).

As the six-month anniversary of the Marathon bombing came around and the Red Sox climbed into the AL championship and the World Series “for Boston,” I cannot help but remember Julia’s Regis roommate and another 1967 classmate, Marianne Bowler, ’67, JD, a Federal Magistrate Judge in Boston, who has been on the bench overseeing much of the legal action surrounding the Tsarneav brothers. Mimi was in the news again this week, and you can read the article here and late last summer, here and here, with a charcoal drawing of Judge Bowler on the bench.

It was very moving to learn that many fans of the Sox stopped by Boylston Street to pay tribute and say a prayer at the site of the bombing. And to see your team enthusiasm below! Thank you to everyone who participated in the campus joy.

Red Sox Pride

Paul Revere Red SoxGraduate student Kaitlyn Condra in the Master’s of Health Administration program, who hails from Arizona, provided this photo of the famous Paul Revere near the Old North Church in the North End dressed for the Red Sox rolling rally on November 2.

MJ Red SoxAnd I was informed another Regis person participated in an administrative meeting on November 5 in this outfit, above right, which was not an ad for a new electronic device (OR ERI AMP) but an extension of the spirit of the wORrld sERIes ChAMPions. It was that kind of week, full of costumes!

And, yes, although I am a world away, I also heard about the Student Activities scary trip, all in good fun, to the haunted house of Barrett’s Mansion on Oct. 29 in Abington, MA! Barrett’s is a professional haunted house open to the public during the months of September and October. Nov 7 ZombieRegis’ Student Government Association (SGA) partnered with the Barrett’s workers to make for a great evening of fright and to raise some money along the way. The Regis College Student Government scared over 500 guests! Photo on right helps explain why …

Meanwhile, more seriously, Regis faculty members have some news.

Children of KillersAssociate Professor Frans Rijnbout is touting the upcoming Regis College Theatre Company production of "Children of Killers," November 20-23, a play by Katori Hall about the encounter between men who participated in the Rwandan genocide and their children when the fathers are released from prison. The play, which was put on at the Castillo Theater in NY last year, was reviewed by Charles Isherwood in the NY Times saying “the genocide is past, the lessons are not.”

Frans is also advocating our new Interdisciplinary Arts Major. On graduation, students in the IAM will have acquired a basic knowledge of the three main creative disciplines—art, music and theatre. By specializing in one of the six Concentrations, students will have gained a more specific expertise in the chosen discipline: Art Administration, Art History, Dance, Music, Theatre or Visual Arts. The Interdisciplinary Arts Major helps students to become independent, multi skilled artists and performers, build careers in arts and cultural industries, and develop arts based projects in a variety of settings, including mental health, media, and education. It also prepares students for further, Graduate Arts education, eventually leading to an MFA (Master of Fine Arts).

I offer my congratulations to Instructor Janis Tuxbury, DNP, FNP, whose article, “The Experience of presence among Telehealth Nurses,” has been published in The Journal of Nursing Research. The purpose of Jan’s research was to gain knowledge regarding the ways that nurses experience presence while interacting with their patients using telehealth.

The topic could not be more timely and opportune, and we will provide a public service by continuing to discuss it as the next President’s Lecture Series on Health explores new developments in emergency medicine, technology and telehealth on Wednesday, November 13, 2013, from 6:30–8:30 p.m. in the Upper Student Union Lounge. Technology is changing the practice of medicine and is used often to bring medical care to people in remote areas and even on the other side of the world. There is also increased accessibility to physicians, nurses and other health care personnel by patients at home, and more availability of emergency room staff and first responders to disaster events through telehealth. One of the speakers on this panel will address the role of technology and telehealth in the emergency response to the Marathon bombing in April:

Penelope Glynn, PhD, RN, Dean, School of Nursing, Science and Health Professions and Associate Professor of Nursing, will moderate the discussion by the following panelists:

  • Joseph C. Kvedar, MD, Associate Professor in Dermatology, Harvard Medical School, and Dermatologist at Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Ron Medzon, MD, Attending Physician, Boston Medical Center
  • Catherine Bricker Frederico, MS, RD, LDN, Nutrition Program Coordinator,, and
  • Steven Simon, MD, MPH, Chief, Section of Internal Medicine and Active Telemedicine

To be presented in the upcoming spring season are “Update on Massachusetts and National Health Care Reform/Implementation,” March 26, 2014 and “Diabetes: Complications, Infections, and Treatment,” April 23, 2014. Join us and ask the experts!

I am also very pleased, as Registrar Esther Ghazarian has announced, that faculty are currently engaged in rolling out a degree audit for undergraduate students with an anticipated graduation date of May 2014 and August 2014 and that a degree audit for graduate and doctoral students with an anticipated gradation date of May 2014 and August 2014 will be available shortly.

Dr. Margaret Oot-Hayes presented her program of research at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center in Burlington, MA on October 23, 2013 to the Chief Nurse Officer and Nursing Research Fellows. The presentation was entitled, “Giving Voice to Incarcerated Mothers.” Dr. Oot-Hayes was also a reviewer of abstracts for the 26th Annual Eastern Nursing Research Society Scientific Assembly to be held in Philadelphia, PA on April 9-11, 2014.

Other news items include the fact that the Office of Institutional Advancement and Alumni Relations has begun its Student Giving Program, led this year by graduate assistant and former chatty cat Ashley Castor ’13. The program was started in 2009 as an effort to educate current undergraduate students about the importance of alumni giving to and participation in the Regis Fund. Ashley has hosted two student giving tables outside the cafeteria and has already secured nearly 30 gifts from students! There will be two additional giving tables this semester—November 12 and 19—and the campaign will run through the spring semester as well.

John CiarleglioCongratulations are in order for John Ciarleglio, Head Coach of the men’s and women’s tennis teams, who was named New England Division College Coach of the Year by the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA)

Also on the Athletics front, a whole slew of our student athletes have been named to the New England Collegiate Conference All-Conference teams including members of Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Field Hockey, and Women’s Volleyball. Congratulations to all!

Let me conclude with a couple of photographs from Vietnam, where we are this week making connections and friends in Saigon. motorbike traffic in SaigonWe think Rte 128 is bad, but the traffic here is astonishing! I cannot help but acknowledge with some wonder that “the fall of Saigon,” which historians consider a process rather than a single event, took place forty years ago beginning with surrender in April, 1973, and ending with a dramatic evacuation of Americans by helicopter in April,1975, after Vietnam had endured more than three decades of war. Certainly, thank heaven, a lot of reconciliation and repair have occurred between our two countries since then, but I am saddened to learn that in some quarters, even this past month, Vietnamese Catholics are still being persecuted.

Ho Chi MinhTo the right we are at the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine among the faculty of Nursing and Medical Technology. Here we are with Dr. Cao Van Thinh, Dean of faculty of Nursing and Medical Technology on the left, and, on the right, with Dr. Dang Tran Ngoc Thanh, PhD, RN, Associate Dean.

Veterans Day ObservanceAnd don’t forget, November is the month of remembering. We will honor and remember our veterans in CH Foyer at noon on Monday, Nov. 11, and Campus Ministry has invited our community to write the names of deceased loved ones in the book outside the Chapel so they can be remembered in prayer all month.

We will be in Thailand when you receive this. The next “President’s Notes” should come out on November 21.

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