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President's Notes III.5

October 24, 2013

Greetings! Our talented athletes have carved a pumpkin with the Pride logo as we approach Hallowe’en. The best trick or treat, of course, will be the conclusion of the World Series with a Red Sox win!

These have been a very busy two weeks, beginning with the Erat Scholars Dinner and travel report on October 9, hosting the President’s Associates and Circles Reception on October 16, and simultaneously hosting a celebration for the Sisters of St. Joseph 140 years anniversary in Greater Boston, and concluding this week (Oct. 20-23) with the site visit of the NEASC visiting team. In every way I am very proud of our learning community and of all of you who made these events lively demonstrations of the quality of our academic life and our hospitality.


Our Erat Scholars/world travelers and their parents were very convincing about what they learned on their trip to LePuy, Geneva, and Rome, and Sisters of St. Joseph could hear their own sense of mission in the students’ reflections. Professor Ernie Collamati also noted that the Regis College group was announced at the papal audience on its Wednesday in Rome, and you raised a suitable, loud cheer. Good! Meanwhile, our friend Kathryn Erat is now off to China where she is delivering a paper at a conference.

Former Dean of Students, Sister Zita Fleming, CSJ, wrote to me regarding the students’ presentations at the 140 CSJ anniversary celebration on October 16, too. Says Sister Zita:

My heart is so full today with such gratitude and continued PRIDE. The evening was pure GIFT in every way. I listened, I watched, I embraced every moment. Each student presented in such an extraordinary way, confident, well prepared and delivered her or his message in such a compassionate and caring way...Haiti, Jamaica, Kenya and on and on! My heart was bursting...we heard "dear neighbor", "relationships", passion ,spirit and so much more. And in the end we were BLESSED by two beautiful women singing an Irish Blessing. There was not a dry eye in the room...and we responded, as we stood and spontaneously burst into singing "Sancte Joseph." Yes, so many blessings, blessings in abundance. For me, to sit in the Foyer as a guest was a very different experience. It was like going back in a time capsule...and the JOY of the moment was that Regis IS !!!!! The loveliness of the students, their graciousness and hospitality, the exceptional quality of the young women and men was indeed heartwarming. Yes, I/WE, returned home feeling FILLED with gratitude and PRIDE, REGIS PRIDE!

Yasmin Aguilar won the gift card raffle from the Career Explorations event sponsored by the Office of Internships and Career Development on October 22. Susan Kennedy tells me we had over 60 students attend the event. Each student met with several members of our alumni to get ideas for careers and career development. The next step will be a Jobs Fair in February.

Faculty, Staff & Alums

Toni, Mim and Dorothy McGrathAlso on October 16, I hosted the annual President’s Associates and Circles Reception in the Fine Arts Center. We welcomed over 150 donors, and I was pleased to unveil two newly-named scholarships that evening: The Sister Thérèse Higgins Sisters of St. Joseph Scholarship and the Sister Jeanne d’Arc O’Hare Merit Scholarship. It was my joy to have members of Sister Thérèse’s and Sister Jeanne d’Arc’s families with us for the evening. Our generous donors had the opportunity to connect with our some of our current scholarship recipients, which also contributed to the sense of family celebration that characterized the evening. Here is a photo of Sister Thérèse’s sister, Dorothy McGrath, with our Vice President, Institutional Advancement, Miriam Sherman, and me. Sister Jeanne d’Arc’s sisters, Mrs. Kay O’Hare Lind ‘43 and Mrs. Ann O’Hare Smith ‘48 and nieces, including our recent honorary degree recipient, Amy Lind Corbett,’70, JD, were present as well.

On Sunday October 6th, Dr. Frans Rijnbout took 20 students enrolled in TH 207 Acting to attend the play One Man,Two Guvnors, at the Lyric Stage theatre in Boston. Besides appreciating professional theatre—a first for some—the students were challenged to connect the learning of acting in class with professional acting in the play to make it a true co-curricular experience.

At the Boston Book Festival held at the Boston Public Library and related Copley Square venues on the weekend of October 18-21, faculty member Anthony D’Aries was one of three memoirists looking at relationships with the men in their lives on October 19. In his award-winning book, The Language of Men, D’Aries struggles to come to grips with the legacy of his Vietnam vet dad. Kim McLarin discusses men, but also race, motherhood, and more in Divorce Dog. And in Fairyland: A Memoir of My Father, Alysia Abbott looks back at her life growing up in the gay culture of ‘70s and ‘80s San Francisco.

Anthony will also speak tonight during the Concord Book Festival, appearing with essayist Douglas Bauer and novelist Joe Ann Hart to discuss “Why We Write” at 7:30 p.m. at Kerem Shalom, 659 Elm Street, Concord.

Steve Hall, Director of the FAC, informs me that “Says You,” a favorite radio program of wordsmiths, is recording for a TV pilot at Regis Dec 28 – 29. As our Associate Dean, Graduate Affairs, Claudia Pouravelis, Ed.D., heads off to Brazil to meet with various university officials in November, Steve says he has also booked a Brazilian poet for the FAC during that month.

Regis alumna Molly Danforth and the Bethany Hill School were featured in an article by Julia Spitz in the Wayland Town Crier on October 11. You may find it here, and I thoroughly concur with the theme. Transformation is what education is all about, too:

Dr. Leslie BishopChemistry prof Dr. Leslie Bishop led a hands on, interactive science workshop with the students from the Children’s Center in Angela Hall as part of our “start early with science” STEM effort. Leslie began with a book and captured everyone's attention on the subject of color – what college chemists understand as chromatography! Mixing colors, making predictions and talking about the discoveries, certainly encouraged the children's critical thinking skills. The science lab is the perfect place to discover.

The College & The Larger Community

Take Heed: Alcohol AwarenessTake Heed: Members of the Weston Fire Department were here this past Tuesday to set up our annual demonstration of the hazards of drunk driving.

In the last issue of President’s Notes I mentioned that on October 5 we joined in the Weston 300 Anniversary Parade and made a spectacular appearance. You may enjoy scrolling through this pictorial blog of the event put together by my Executive Assistant, Katya Rego, who was our contact person for Weston 300:

President’s Office

Regis College continued its President’s Leadership Series on Health with an exploration of diverticulitis and Crohn’s disease on Wednesday, Oct. 23 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Upper Student Union Lounge. The U.S. population is aging, and, for both men and women after age 40, diverticu­lar disease increases every 10 years. Diverticulitis and Crohn’s disease, both inflammatory diseases of the colon, afflict millions of people with seemingly similar symptoms. The causes, however, differ, and the diseases often require different diagnostic tools, treatment and management. Here I am with the panelists (L to R): Jason F. Hall, MD, MPH, FACS, Lahey Clinic Department Colon and Rectal Surgery and Assistant Professor of Surgery, Tufts Medical Center; Gita Patel, MS, RD, CDE, LD, CLT, Private Practice; Nutrition Consultant, Author, Speaker; and Kristina Whiton-O’Brien, MSW, LICSW, Assistant Director, Online Advising and Field Education, Boston Uni­versity.

Recently I received the great honor of being nominated and accepted as a member of the Massachusetts Women’s Forum. The MWF was founded in 1991 with the purpose of bringing together women leaders across industries and sectors to enrich and enhance our professional development, encourage exposure to a broad spectrum of ideas, provide opportunities for new relationships, and to validate the contributions women are making to our Commonwealth. The MWF is a chapter of the International Women’s Forum (IWF), a group of over 3,800 impressive female leaders throughout the world.

May I also thank members of the search committee who reviewed candidates for our posted position of Vice President, Academic Affairs, and all the members of the Regis Community who participated actively in meetings with our finalist, Dr. Malcolm Asadoorian, PhD, currently Dean of the Regis College School of Liberal Arts, Education, and Social Sciences. Congratulations, Malcolm, and welcome aboard in this new role as we continue to advance Regis! The news of Malcolm’s appointment as Vice President, Academic Affairs has already been picked up by the Boston Business Journal: Malcolm Asadoorian III, Ph.D. | People on the Move

By this afternoon, when you receive this issue of President’s Notes, I shall be en route to Hong Kong and other Asian points to meet with alums and visit schools and colleges. Stay tuned, and the next issue of PN will come out on November 7 with, I hope, news from my travels.

Happy HalloweenMeanwhile, Happy Hallowe’en – and no matter the ghosts, remember that the saints will come marching in the next day!

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