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President's Notes III.22

July 10, 2014

Mid-Summer and the campus is…. deep into Phase I of the Master Plan re-routing our roadways and walkways and gearing up for Orientation at the end of the month. Summer Session II is in full swing, and whether travelling, researching, writing, or recreating, Regis faculty have been busy!


This past week I received the final report of the Presidential Task Force on Faculty Workload. I am now reading it carefully and with admiration for the good work of the group chaired by Dr. Helen Consiglio (Psychology) and Dr. Mary-Anne Vetterling (Spanish). I express special gratitude to Dr. Davis Baird, Provost and VP, Academic Affairs, Clark University, for facilitating the group, and to VP AA and Dean, SLAESS, Dr. Malcolm Asadoorian, and Dean, SNSHP, Dr. Penelope Glynn, and to Regis Trustees Judy Lauch and Ellen Kearns, Esq. Of course, representatives of the Regis faculty were themselves the heart of the Task Force, and I especially thank Dr.Ernest Collamati (Religious Studies), Dr.Michael Jackson (Political Science), Dr. Upasana Kashyap (Mathematics), Dr.Raymond McCarthy (Education), Dr. Joan Murray (Communication), all of SLAESS, and Dr. Karen Crowley (Nursing), Dr. Mary Ann Hart (Health Administration), Dr. Shari Litch Gray (Biology), Ms. Carol Martin (Nursing), and Dr. Christine McKenna-Lok (Social Work), all of SNSHP, for their work. Later in the summer I expect to make a substantive response; for now I wish to express my appreciation.

Dr Mary-Anne Vetterling-bellidoOn May 30, 2014, Dr Mary-Anne Vetterling, Professor of Spanish and Associate Dean, SLAESS, delivered a paper entitled “La ecocrítica y los episiodios de las Serranas y la Tienda de don Amor en el Libro de buen amor” in the town of Alcalá la Real (near Granada) in Southern Spain at the IV Congreso Internacional sobre el Arcipreste de Hita y el Libro de buen amor. Her paper will be published in the proceedings of the conference. Dr. Vetterling also presented her bibliography on the author, which was well received. After the conference Dr. Vetterling traveled to Madrid and was in Spain when King Juan Carlos abdicated the throne; she had been a student in Spain in 1969 when Francisco Franco named Juan Carlos to be his successor, so this was an unusual conjunction of events.

Vetterling On CheminEver a pilgrim, Mary Anne also hiked this spring from Le Puy to Figeac on the Chemin de St. Jacques (the French segment of the Camino de Santiago in Spain), as part of a Kaneb grant. Mary Anne reports that she kept seeing signs of Regis (especially in Le Puy, the site of the founding of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston and the home of Saint François Régis) and even a Regis College (high school) in St. Alban. In Nasbinal she saw the Regis motto engraved in stone in front of a Church. In monuments to fallen soldiers of WWI and II she saw a number of “Regis” surnames. She finished her pilgrimage in Paris, and her hotel just happened to be on St James Street, which is also part of the Chemin de St. Jacques. Dr. Vetterling plans to share the details of her experience on this pilgrimage and two previous ones on the Camino de Santiago in Spain in a course she is teaching in Spring, 2015 entitled “Pilgrimage from Le Puy to Santiago de Compostela: Literature through Fiction, Autobiography, Historical Accounts” (SP 250). She will also be leading a pilgrimage to France as part of this course where students will visit Lyon, Le Puy and Paris and have one day of hiking on the “Chemin de St. Jacques” trail, visiting many of the places Dr. Vetterling found to be of special interest to Regis students. In the near future she will be writing a book about the Camino/Chemin and how it has enriched and changed her life these past ten years. In October she will be giving a talk on her trip (she has hundreds of photos!) at the Massachusetts Foreign Language Association in Sturbridge.

Dr. Leslie Mandel, Associate Professor in Health Administration and Public Health, has had a poster presentation in which she is lead author accepted for the upcoming American Public Health Association meeting. She will present “Early Adoption of Hand Hygiene Prevention Interventions in US Emergency Departments: A Qualitative Study,” which is co-authored with C. Sinnette, E.J. Carter, and J. Schuur, in the Epidemiology- Infectious Diseases Section, American Public Health Association, as the 142nd APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition (November 2014) New Orleans, LA.

Additionally, three other presentations on which Leslie is co-author have been accepted for other national meetings, and the paper abstracts will be published in national journals:

Murray, L., Denger, B., Mandel, L, Peay, H., Estrella, E. “Left Out in the Cold: Barriers to Clinical Trial Participation and the Impact on Parents of Sons with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy,” Paper Presentation at the National Society of Genetic Counselors 33rd Annual Education Conference, September 2014, New Orleans, LA

Stobie, L. McConkie-Rosell, A. Lincoln, S. Devine, D. Mandel, L., “Disclosure of a Fragile X Syndrome Diagnosis to Symptomatic Females: A Qualitative Study of the Parental Approach,” Poster Presentation at the National Society of Genetic Counselors 33rd Annual Education Conference, September 2014, New Orleans, LA

Carter, E.J, Pallin, D. J. Mandel, L., Sinnette, C., Schuur. J. “Strategies for Success in Emergency Department Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection Prevention Programs,” Poster Accepted at Infectious Diseases Society of America, for IDWeek Conference October 2014 Philadelphia, PA

Congratulations, Leslie!

On June 24-26, Dr. Kathryn Edney, Assistant Professor of History in the Department of History, World Languages and Cultural Heritage, presented a paper entitled “Hidden Collaborators: African Americans and American Musical Theater History" at Song, Stage and Screen IX. The Art of Collaboration in Musical Theatre, an annual conference of the Academic Journal, Studies in Musical Theatre. The conference took place in Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

The Regis College Haiti Project video, “Delivering on a Promise,” aired all week on Catholic TV at different times between June 22 and June 29 and continues to play in the network’s rotation. This provided national and some international coverage on our project. You can find Catholic TV on the following stations:

  • Comcast Channel 268 (New England)
  • Verizon Channel 296 (New England
  • Verizon (nationally) -- On Demand
  • Charter Channel 101 (New England)
  • Full Channel Channel 120
  • RCN Channel 85

As well, the Haiti Project was the subject of an article in The Boston Haitian Reporter, which you can read here.


On Thursday, June 26, a farewell dessert was held for campus minister and Unity Committee chair, LeSette Wright, who is moving on to focus her talents on responding to and changing violence in families. The Campus Ministry office was packed, and this in itself is a tribute to LeSette. Godspeed to you!

Dianna M. Jones, DNP, APRN-BC, FNP, Director of Regis Community Health Services, announced that Health Services are temporarily relocated to Saint Joseph’s Hall Community Room until the week of July 23, but only for administrative purposes, NOT to see patients. Health Services can still be reached at 781-768-7290 and plans to resume clinical hours at the end of July when it is located, once again, back in Maria Hall, and once again booking medical appointments. The joys of construction!

Dr. M. J. Doherty, who has been reading Caroline Moorehead’s A Train in Winter about women who bonded together in the French resistance during World War II, tells me that an interview of former Regis history professor Vera Laska conducted by the USC Shoah Foundation has shown up on YouTube. You can see Professor Laska’s testimony here. The Raoul Wallenberg Foundation notes that Vera (Oravec) Laska, who was not Jewish, joined the Czech Underground in 1938, at the age of 15. Vera and her friends hiked and skied the trails in southern Slovakia, so they knew the area well. They escorted POWs and Jews across the border. Vera worked out of Czech Underground Headquarters in Budapest until her cover was blown. She was on the Nazis’ most wanted list until they took her mother to Auschwitz, whereupon Vera surrendered. She arrived at Auschwitz on the day they gassed her mother. After emigrating to the United States and following a teaching career, including teaching at Regis and publishing several books, including one on women and resistance, Vera retired but remained in close contact with the College and many students since she lived in Weston ( Vera passed away in 2005.


On Saturday, July 12, the Alumni Office is sponsoring a wine tasting and tour of the First Crush Winery in Harwich, MA, on the Cape. A few weeks after that, the Annual Cape Cod Luncheon sponsored by the Alumni Association will be held on August 7 at the Coonamessett Inn in Falmouth, MA. For tickets or more information on either event, contact the Alumni Office at 781-768-7221.


Catherine Thomas will present her doctoral defense for the DNP on July 17 on the subject of “An Examination of the Role Conception, Performance and Engagement of Clinical Adjunct Faculty in Associate Degree Nursing Programs.”

President’s Office

While faculty are using late spring and summer for research, writing, travel and general R&R, those of us in administration know that midsummer is the busy season for planning ahead. Today more than ever university leaders have to pay close attention not only to the present path and the immediate convergences of history in higher education, but to the “vanishing point,” the place on the horizon where what we know moves into the unknown. Then, using evidence and trends, we must target the location of Regis’s future. So I can’t resist using another photograph Professor Vetterling sent me of her pilgrimage way in France this spring. It expresses so well in visual metaphor the prospect our assessment and planning functions must constantly realize.

Pathway in France-Vetterling

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