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President's Notes III.12

February 20, 2014

Graduate Students

Karen Crowley, DNP, APRN-BC, WHNP, ANP, Director of the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program, has informed me that The Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare, on behalf of Barbara and Donald Jonas, has chosen Regis College (Grantee) to participate in the Jonas Scholars program for 2014-2016 with a $20,000 grant to support one DNP Jonas Nurse Leader Scholar and one DNP Jonas Veterans Healthcare Scholar. Our Scholars will be joining an elite group of nearly 600 Jonas Nurse Leaders/Jonas Veteran Healthcare Scholars across the country. As the “grantee,” Regis will select the two Jonas Scholars and notify the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) on behalf of the Jonas Center of their selection by June 6, 2014. Additionally, the terms of the scholarship including mentoring, students’ progress reports, and attendance at the 2015 Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. Congratulations to Dean Glynn, Dr. Crowley, our Office of Institutional Advancement and all who made this possible.

Graduate student Molly Gentilucci has had a paper entitled “Group belongingness: A look at the relationship between loneliness and the internet and the outcomes it produces” accepted for presentation at the 105th Annual Eastern Communication Association Convention this April. Submissions are competitive and go through blind review, so this acceptance is significant. Molly completed her undergraduate degree at Regis last spring and had written the paper during her senior year. She then immediately began her graduate program at Regis in Organizational and Professional Communication. Great job Molly!

Regis College Haiti Project: Special Edition

Haiti Masters Graduates

We have reached a major milestone in the Regis College Haiti Project. On Tuesday afternoon, February 18, 2014, in Port au Prince Haiti, the first cohort of Haitian nursing faculty to receive a Master's of Science in Nursing from the Univ. of Haiti graduated. In the photograph above, you will recognize our faculty members, left to right, Kellie LaPierre, MSN, Nancy Street, ScD, Susan Sawyer, MSN, PhD, and Cherlie Normilus, APRN-BC, MSN, FNP. The graduates themselves, listed alphabetically, are Daniella Bien Aime, Louise Myrmonde Amazan, Marie Erlande Benjamin, Rose Darline Bossuet, Marie Caneline Brice, Esther Joseph, Jocelyn Janvier Mayas, Rita Metayer, Christine Douge Neptune, Germaine Laine Pierre, Jeanne Lucie Sincere, and Marie Guerda Romelus. My warm congratulations to all our graduates and their faculty/Regis staff!

The photograph below shows former U.S. President William J. Clinton congratulating the Regis College Haiti Project on this past Tuesday morning. President William J. Clinton congratulating the Regis College Haiti ProjectWith me are Regis College faculty members in Nursing, Cherlie Normilus and Susan Sawyer. After the earth-quake in Haiti in January, 2010, former Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush oversaw a special fund to help re-build the country. Eventually, along with the Ansara Family Foundation and an anonymous donor to Partners in Health, the Boston-based world health care agency co-directed by Dr. Paul Farmer and Ophelia Dahl, the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund recognized and helped to fund the Regis College Haiti Project "to educate the educators" as the real thing - that is, an effort that would help rebuild the human infrastructure of Haiti in a lasting way.

On many levels this graduation was truly an historic event – one that could not have happened without each member of the Regis community. So special thanks are in order to you, our faculty, staff, and students and your support of our Haitian nursing students when they have been on this campus, and great thanks to President Emerita, Mary Jane England, MD, who beginning in 2007, saw the potential of this project and gave me the freedom as then Dean of SNSHP to develop it.

Health Assessment Class

I am particularly grateful for all the work the Haiti Project Executive Director, Regis faculty member Nancy Street, ScD, PNP, BC, Communications and Administration Director, Alexis Lawton, and Haiti Project Advisory Board member Bill White did to secure the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund grant a few years ago, and all that the Haiti Project Director of Policy and Advocacy, Cherlie Normilus, has done to see this graduation in Haiti, by Haiti, and for Haiti occur. Twelve Haitian women who are nurses and nursing instructors received their Master's Tuesday, and two other cohorts of twelve are in the pipeline to complete their degrees in the next couple of years. The first cohort is now helping to educate the next two, as shown in a Health Assessment class last year, in the photograph above.

In impact across Haitian nursing schools and hospitals, these nurses and teachers will positively affect the lives of thousands of fellow Haitians both through health care and education. We should all be very proud of our work as it proves in yet another form our CSJ charism of reaching out to the “dear neighbor.” The Regis community has now generated a unique international partnership that will have an ongoing impact in the lives of others.

Haiti team meets with former President Bill Clinton

Above is our whole team with former President Clinton, left to right: Nathalie Davidson, Graduate Assistant and Haiti Project translator, Cherlie, Susan, me, President Clinton, Nancy, Alexis, and Graduate Assistant, Harold Gerard.

President of HaitiAs well, in the photo on the left, we had the pleasure of meeting the President of Haiti, Michel J. Martelly (next to Nathalie) and Haitian Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe (on my left).

Also attending the graduation were the following dignitaries:

  • The U.S. Ambassador to Haiti - Pamela White
  • Rebecca White - our former contact at the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund who when it folded move to Haiti and works with Ambassador Pamela White
  • Lucille Charles - President of the Haitian Nursing Foundation (ANIHL)
  • Sheila Davis - Partners in Health
  • Marc Julmisse - Chief Nursing Officer at Zanmi Lasante
  • Loune Viaud - Director of Strategic Planning of Zanmi Lasante and 2011 Regis honorary degree recipient

Speaking at the graduation either before or after me were the following:

Rector Henry Vernet- Head of the University of Haiti, the degree-granting university; Madame Christine Neptune, MSN, one of the graduates; Dr. Florence Duperval Guillaume, Head of the Haitian Ministry of Health; and a representative from Université Notre Dame d’Haiti, which we visited in June, 2010, five months after the earthquake, who filled in at the last moment for our friend, Rector Père Pierre André Pierre (who was actually stuck in Boston after giving a talk at Harvard because of the snow storm and could not get back to Haiti in time); and Madame Irma Bois, Head of Nursing in the Haitian Ministry of Health.

Dr. Florence Duperval Guillaume
Dr. Florence Duperval Guillaume

Rector Henry Vernet
Rector Henry Vernet

Madame Christine Neptune
Madame Christine Neptune

Haiti Masters Graduates

The graduation received wide local and national coverage (Vancouver, Montreal, Oklahoma et al.) and you can see it posted on our website or through this link.

Dr. Paul Farmer

In an e-mail to me, Dr. Paul Farmer joined in the celebration, thanking Regis: “Toni, this is moving and, well, permanent! Thanks for slogging through this challenge to leverage service delivery with training and credentialling. And thanks to all the faculty who worked with you. This… can only happen with partnerships like the one you embody, the one our board and leadership (like a certain director honored by Regis) support so unstintingly. Onward and upward, Paul.” On a prior trip to Haiti during the course of helping educate our first cohort, Cherlie and Nancy had the joy of meeting Dr. Farmer (on the right). This week professors Kellie LaPierre and Susan Sawyer have remained in Haiti to conduct instruction for the second cohort.

Ophelia Dahl

The director of PIH to whom Dr. Farmer refers, of course, is Ophelia Dahl, on whom Regis bestowed an honorary degree in 2007, when our conversation led to PIH asking Regis Nursing to conduct an assessment of nursing in Haiti. Imagine, seven years ago! (Photo below). Ophelia, we have crossed a different kind of mountain now, with your help and that of PIH’s Donna Barry, Sheila Davis, and Loune Viaud, a Regis honorary degree recipient in 2011, and others.

It is wonderful to have the Regis College Haiti Project celebrated on the PIH website, “A new era of nursing in Haiti.”

Early on Wednesday morning we travelled from Port au Prince to visit with Len and Cherylann Gengel, the parents of Britney Gengel who, a nineteen-year-old student at Lynn University in Florida, had travelled to Haiti in January, 2010, on a service trip. Brit died in the earthquake, and her parents and friends have built an orphanage in her honor in Grand Goave, Haiti, fulfilling one of Brit’s last wishes.

I met Len and Cherylann last fall and immediately recognized a like spirit in them. They have done a wonderful job honoring their daughter and contributing valiantly to meeting the needs in Haiti. So many children were orphaned in the earthquake, and the new orphanage is beautiful. Check out the website here.

Cherlie Normilus, Cherylann Gengel, Toni Hays, Alexa Pozniak (Regis ’99), Alexis P. Lawton
Cherlie Normilus, Cherylann Gengel, Toni Hays, Alexa Pozniak (Regis ’99), Alexis P. Lawton

Cherlie, Len, Toni, Cherylann
Cherlie, Len, Toni, Cherylann

One of the happy residents
One of the happy residents

Faculty & Staff

SLAESS faculty member Dr. Colleen Malachowski recently had an article accepted for publication in Communication Quarterly. The study explores cognitive, communicative, and relational outcomes associated with hurtful events in romantic relationships. This is the most recent example of Dr. Malachowski's highly productive research agenda benefiting our students and the institution as a whole.

On Sunday, February 2, Dr. Frans Rijnbout, Associate Professor of Theater, brought 34 students enrolled in the courses Oral Interpretation and Introduction to Theatre, to the Boston Centre of the Arts. There they attended a presentation of The Color Purple, the musical based on the novel by Alice Walker. This Co-Curricular activity was augmented by class discussions on production-values, themes and content.

Associate Professor of Social Work, Carol Dorr, has had her book manuscript accepted for publication at Oxford University Press. Congratulations, Carol. We look forward to seeing it in print!

Associate Professor Kathy Kautzer, Sociology, whose book on the Catholic reform movement came out last year, has been interviewed recently on some of the faith communities she wrote about. Here’s a link to one of the interviews, by reporter Lily Fowler for the St. Louis Dispatch. Kathy was also interviewed by Monica Sandreckzki, a reporter for the NPR station in Binghamton, New York, regarding a special broadcast on the “Spiritus Christi” community in Rochester, N.Y., which is among the largest and most famous of the underground parishes covered in Kathy’s book. The book itself is now available in paperback from; the publisher is Haymarket. Originally published by Brill in hardcover, it is part of a series published by the Center for Critical Research on Religion.

I am pleased that Dr. Sara Chudnovsky Weintraub, Associate Professor and Chair of the Communication Department, has received a $5,000 grant award from the National Communication Association. Through this award, Dr. Weintraub will lead the project "Common Core State Standards in Speaking and Listening: A Resource Guide" that will develop resources for teachers in grades 6 - 12 to help them implement the Standards for Speaking and Listening which are part of Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts. Dr. Weintraub is working with Ruth Kay, MA, and Jean Streiff, MA, who are school teachers from Michigan and Pennsylvania respectively. The team's goal is to create a product that will help teachers from across the country implement the core standards in communication successfully -recognizing the role that effective communication skills play in fostering the next generation of engaged citizens.

All Faculty Development and Kaneb Grant Proposals are due March 24, A “Sandwich Seminar” in Kearns this Friday from 12-1 pm, will help answer your questions about Faculty Development and Kaneb Grants.

rTIP ’s Apple Professional Development Workshops Today & Fri - Thursday and Friday, February 20 and 21, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm - iLife Apps for Digital Storytelling with Rick Reece. There are six two-hour workshop so that attendees can choose which iLife app session(s) they most need. The sessions coordinate with the block schedule and, if all are attended, culminate in a likely digital storytelling artifact: an iBook or iMovie.

The Institutional Advancement Office hosted a “lovely” Giving Day yesterday (postponed from February 14, St. Valentine’s Day, because of the snowstorm). Giving Day 2014I give my thanks to generous donations by students, faculty and staff who gave to the Regis Fund. (Photo on right: Mrs. Betty Elliott ’49, Teresa O’Neil, Alexis Baum, and Associate Professor Ernest Collamati, PhD.)

This week, the Undergraduate Admission office hosted an Admitted Student Overnight and “Regis for a Day” event. We had twenty-four (24) students on campus last night staying in residence halls and seven (7) students are on campus for the day today. Please give them a warm Regis welcome when you see them. After all, they are the face of our incoming freshmen class. Upcoming UG Admission events include Merit Scholars Reception and Admitted Student Day on Saturday, March 29, and Admitted Student Overnight #2 on Tuesday, April 15. An overnight guest wrote in their evaluation, “I am totally looking forward to attending.

The Residence Life Office in partnership with the Multicultural Student Council and the Unity Committee is hosting Diversity Week programs all next week. The first event is a movie, “Osama,” on February 24, which chronicles the life of a young girl growing up under the Taliban. International Student, Shogofa Amini will lead a most engaging discussion after the movie. Please encourage students to attend.

Last but far from least, I again thank all of our housekeeping and maintenance crew for clearing the campus and keeping access open during our multiple snow storms. You are the best! And now the long arch of spring and the slow, we hope, melt.

The next issue of President’s Notes should be out on March 6.

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