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President's Notes 2.6

September 20, 2012


Recently I received a lovely e-mail from Julie O’Connor McGinn ’77 regarding two recent grads who are working with City Year Boston. Julie’s son Michael is an accomplished veteran in City Year and says the class room teachers all want to work with our Joshua Fidalgo ‘12 and Oliver Burns ‘12 who are in the photo below right under the words “City Year” in the banner.

City Year Boston 2012Staff

Dean Susan Tammaro, PhD, is presenting a paper entitled “High Hopes, Devilish Details, and the Regis Reality: Our Experience Developing, Implementing and Assessing a General Studies Curriculum” at the AGLS (Association for General and Liberal Studies) Conference on Thursday, September 20, in Portland, Oregon. Also, NEEAN (New England Educational Assessment Network) will be holding its Fall Forum on November 2 at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester. Susan and Associate Dean and Director of the Student Support Services Peggy Cross will co-present a session entitled, “Closing the Loop on Academic Advising: Using Assessment Results to Enhance Academic Advising at Regis College.”

Student Life & Services

As most of you are aware, during my first year as President I have been assessing and developing some of the infrastructure to accommodate our growth. As I recently indicated to some of our Trustees, we graduated the largest ever group of GR and UG students Regis has ever known in May, 2012. Naturally, with the turn over of administration last year, there was also some turn over of staff. Aiming at our commitment to being student-centered, I started with the appointment of the Dean of Institutional Research and Assessment (Dr. Tammaro), which developed the former role of Director of Institutional Research, and have continued reconfiguring some known roles/positions into new and adapted ones, with new report structures in some cases. These include the new Director of the Center for Student Services (Registrar Esther Ghazarian); the Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs (Dr. Claudia Pouravelis); the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs (David Gilmore), which is based on the functions of the former Associate Vice-President, Academic Affairs; the Director of Internships and Career Development (Susan Clancy Kennedy ’81), based on the role of the former Director of Career Services; and the new Director of the Children’s Center and Academy (Amy Scott).

Also, during 2012-13 we worked with consulting psychologist Kermit Crawford, PhD, of Boston University, to open up areas of our multicultural campus conversation we need to conduct to strengthen our unity. This week I appointed Le Sette Wright as the new Coordinator of our Multicultural and Community Engagement Initiative and Protestant Chaplain. Another consultant, Gwen Cochran Hadden, who was recommended by Dr. Crawford, is currently training Le Sette and the steering committee for the Multicultural and Community Engagement Initiative regarding these conversations. The steering committee is chaired by campus minister Sister Betsy Conway, CSJ.

Additionally, we are now actively recruiting an Aquatics Director, an Athletic Director, and a Communications Director who will report to Vice President Paul Vaccaro, Enrollment Management & Marketing.

I am grateful to the Transportation division of Campus Police, which has increased the shuttle schedule to give students more access to Boston. This is a result of my meeting with officers of the Student Government Association and the “Chatty Cats” who expressed their concern about transportation.


Our SLAESS Dean, Malcolm Asadoorian, PhD, and faculty are actively engaged in development of two Graduate programs: An EdD in Higher Education Leadership and an MA in Professional Writing.

Our new Master’s program in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) in SNSHP and its new program director, Lauren Beaulieu, attracted the attention of The Boston Globe a couple of weeks ago, and a Globe reporter called Lauren this week to do a follow-up article as well. ABA is a hot topic in the region.

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has submitted the Team Report in support of full program approval in our Department of Education. We are especially pleased that the Approval Team identified so many overall commendations as well as programmatic commendations. This is testimony to the degree of commitment and dedication demonstrated by faculty members of the College community who strive to produce highly effective teachers who are successful in completing their preparation program at Regis College. Congratulations to our Education Department faculty!

I will have some other announcements for the faculty at its meeting on September 28.

Cultivating Relationships With Weston

My office will be a sponsor of the Town of Weston’s 300th Anniversary in 2013. Beginning in January and continuing throughout the year, the Town will host events and Regis will offer lectures, exhibitions, shows, and concerts to the Weston Community as part of the 300th anniversary celebration.

Last night I attended the Blessed John XXIII Seminary annual lawn party and met several of our neighbors. Later this afternoon (4 p.m.), Graduate Affairs is sponsoring a International Pot-luck Dinner on the College Hall Parterre (front balcony), co-ordinated by Ann Rosas. On Saturday, September 22, I will join our student athletes in the celebration of our First Annual Pride Fest through multiple games – volleyball, soccer, tennis – and a Pride Fest Tailgate including parents and alumni and a Pride Fest Alumni Tent Social (complimentary for alums).

There was very good faculty and staff turn-out for my first Faculty and Staff Social of the semester on Thursday, September 13, with about thirty people attending. And the same can be said of the undergraduate “Pizza with the President” on September 18. It was good to see everyone. The next issue of Presidents’ Notes should come out on October 4.

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