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President's Notes 2.3

August 9, 2012


Regis Trustee Donato Tramuto has been named a member of the Robert F. Kennedy Center of Europe Board of Directors. Congratulations, Donato! May this new work be as successful as your prior and ongoing work with Kerry Kennedy and the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, as well as Health eVillages, the Regis College Haiti Project and, of course, with Regis itself.

In another recent accomplishment, Donato has been recognized as one of the “100 Most Inspiring Leaders in the Life Sciences Industry” for the third time by PharmaVOICE. This third-time recognition is a rare and distinguished honor held by only a handful of executives. We are proud to have Donato as a member of our Board of Trustees.

Faculty & Staff

With Academic Dean Malcolm Asadoorian’s approval, Professor Frans Rijnbout has been named Program Coordinator of Theatre for the academic year 2012-2013. Although Theatre is part of English & Theatre, with Dr. Patricia Elliot as Chair, the unique character of the Theatre Program—with its play productions and separate budget—has historically required communication and administrative actions specific to Theatre by the Program Coordinator in communication and collaboration, with the Chair.

Out on the cutting edge, our nursing-theatre collaboration and innovation by Regis faculty members Janis Tuxbury, DNP, FNP-BC, and Patricia M. Wall McCauley, MSN, RN, and former faculty member Wendy Lement, PhD, has been published. You may find “Nursing and Theatre Collaborate: An End-of-Life Simulation Using Forum Theatre” published in the Journal of Nursing Education (August, 2012) and at the following link. Just scroll down until you see the title:

On July 31, we said some good-byes. Dean of Students Kara Kolomitz and her staff honored Jess Homer at a luncheon before she left campus to move to Kentucky and begin law school. Vice President Paul Vaccaro and Regis faculty and staff held a farewell reception on the afternoon of July 31 on the Morrison House patio honoring Athletic Director, Marybeth Lamb, PhD, who is becoming the Director of Athletics at Bridgewater State University. We wish you both great success, Jess and Marybeth.

Dr. Susan Tammaro, Dean, Institutional Research & Assessment, has had yet another paper accepted. The Northeast Association for Institutional Research (NEAIR) has accepted Susan’s paper on “Maximizing the Utility of Alumni Feedback” for presentation at its 39th Annual Conference to be held in Bethesda, Maryland, Saturday, November 3 through Tuesday, November 6, 2012. NEAIR uses a blind peer process to evaluate conference proposals and explains its mission in the following way: “NEAIR is an individual membership driven organization that promotes institutional effectiveness in postsecondary education through excellence in the field of institutional research. As such, NEAIR focuses on facilitating the professional development of its members while promoting best practice and ensuring integrity in institutional research.” Susan’s abstract states that she will discuss the Regis alumni survey designed to assess institutional effectiveness, identify internship and career opportunities for current students, and obtain information to support fundraising that she and our Institutional Advancement Office implemented. Her paper details the ways in which the results were used followed by a discussion of lessons learned and methodological recommendations for future research.

I’ve been hearing some wonderful echoes of conversations about interdisciplinary collaboration between humanities and science faculty. Professor Mike Bilozur and Helen Consiglio and Dean Asadoorian have actually been talking about FUN (Foundation for Undergraduate Neuroscience Education) and we may actually find out that the brain DOES explain some remarkable events in the arts. Tell me more….

Thanks to Diep Sheehan, Director of Purchasing, and IT for our new copy machines. We have 14 new machines, 8 of which are color. They print, copy, scan, staple, you name it! And they are all networked so you can print right from your computer. This should make everyone’s job much easier.

President’s Office

Vice President Tom Pistorino and I met with the Weston Board of Selectmen in late July regarding our Master Plan, and an article on the meeting was in the Weston Town Crier on July 26. Here’s the link:

President’s ChallengePresident’s Challenge

Faculty & Staff giving to the Regis Fund (formerly the Annual Fund) increased this year almost 10% during the June “Miriam Marathon”! If we can raise that much in a month, just imagine what we can do in an entire year? Especially during the 85th anniversary of the College! By entering the payroll deduction program, you become eligible for some wonderful prize drawings.

Let’s achieve 100% giving.
I want you!

More About iPads

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks as we announced our iPad initiative on July 23. Besides the interest on the part of the media, which I reported to you on July 26, our internal planning for the roll-out at the beginning of the academic year (less than three weeks away!) has continued at an intense pace.

My special thanks to CIO Marla Botelho, who is tech coordinator for the initiative, and to Andrea Humphrey, who is faculty and digital pedagogy coordinator.

We had a productive organizing meeting with Marla and Andrea, Registrar Esther Ghazarian, and Academic Support Director and Assistant Dean, Peggy Cross, and the members of the Administrative Council on July 31, and generated some common messaging, on-going work groups, and a work calendar as we go forward.

Specifically, besides Marla’s ITS staff and Marla and Andrea’s already existent working group with Academic Deans Penny Glynn and Malcolm Asadoorian, ITS staff member Chad Bergeron, and faculty member David Gilmore, we have three new working groups:

1) Getting ready for the arrival of students and distribution of iPads: Dean of Students Kara Kolomitz, Registrar Esther Ghazarian, Director of Academic Support Services Peggy Cross, and Assoc. Dean, Graduate Affairs, Claudia Pouravelis.

2) Asking faculty about their planned iPad use in courses this fall: Academic Deans Penelope Glynn and Malcolm Asadoorian.

3) Assessing “next step” needs in the roll out: Vice President Tom Pistorino, CIO Marla B., and I.

In addition, Andrea has rolled out a calendar for full-time and half-time faculty iPad pick up and introductory workshops. Here are the initial dates (Helpdesk Conference Room) …

Monday, August 6 at 1 pm or 2:30 pm

Thursday, August 23 at 1 pm or 2:30 pm

... and the September dates (Morrison House Conference Room)

Friday, September 7 – 12 noon to 1:30 pm

Friday, September 14 – 12 noon to 1:30 pm

Friday, September 21 – 12 noon to 1:30 pm

Friday, September 28 – 12 noon to 1:30 pm

Other drop-in, workshop, and information dates reserve Morrison House every Friday, Noon – 2 pm, until May.

We are also planning on cross-walking the working group of July 31 with the regular Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) in late October. Meanwhile, stay tuned. I’m sure you’ll be talking to one of the other of these working groups or coordinators in the coming months, and we are developing new sets of questions and answers as we go along. Everyone on campus should familiarize themselves with the FAQs.

I am on the road this week meeting with many alums. Today I am at the Annual Cape Cod Luncheon. I am excited to tell our alums about all our new initiatives including the Master Planning process and the rTIP iPad program. Deans Asadoorian and Glynn are with me and will present their curriculum initiatives and goals in their respective schools.

I am looking forward to everyone’s arrival back on campus. The next issue of President’s Notes will come out on August 23.

Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN

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