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President's Notes 2.17

March 7, 2013


At Regis we are doing our best to contribute to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) awareness, growth and development – at every level. Here’s an article about our Academy Kindergarteners conducting a lab experiment with Associate Professor Leslie Bishop:

Yesterday I reviewed and signed on to a letter from the New England Council to the entire New England congressional delegation supporting the I-Squared bill being proposed by Senators Jeanne Shaheen (NH) and Richard Blumenthal (CT). This bill recognizes the need for a longer term solution to the STEM skills gap and the importance of developing a domestic pipeline of U.S.-born workers with advanced skills and training. To that end, the legislation reallocates the fees collected from H1-B visas and STEM green cards fees to fund a grant program to promote STEM education and worker retraining to be administered by the states.

… And Research

And, not to be outdone, where there is science, there is research – again, at every level. Amy Scott, Director of our Children’s’ programs reports that our pre-kindergarten youngsters, the “Snapdragons,” recently visited our library and the College’s collection of African masks and shields. First they heard a reading of The Prince Child about a large group of African animals preparing to celebrate the arrival of the Frog Prince (variation on a known fairy tale theme). Then they found Africa on our classroom maps and globe and looked at some African art carvings. The children brainstormed about why people use ceremonial masks and shields and how some animals have markings that look like masks. Amy summarizes the art of learning in one line: “We brushed up on our polite library behavior and set out to explore and enjoy!”

Institutional Advancement & Alumni

Regis graduate Shannon Myron O’Neil, Class of ’93Regis graduate Shannon Myron O’Neil, Class of ’93 (picture at right), is this year’s winner of the AATSP (American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese) Massachusetts Embassy Scholarship for study in Spain, Summer 2013. Shannon is currently a Spanish teacher at Wellesley (MA) High School. Her scholarship will cover the program and travel cost of the Summer Study Program offered by the Embassy of Spain and the Ministry of Education and Science. These summer programs are an excellent opportunity for teachers, both novice and seasoned professionals, to enrich and expand language skills, cultural knowledge and methodology while enjoying an authentic immersion experience. The competition for this year’s prize was particularly keen, and our Spanish and Education professors are delighted that a Regis graduate (major in Spanish with a concentration in Education) has distinguished herself by demonstrating excellence in her profession.

On a humorous note, Regis alums from Class of 1964 showed up in a photograph by Garry Winogrand in the Wall Street Journal on March 1, 2013 (D7) in an article by J. S. Marcus entitled “Master of Angst and Airports,” which is about three different current exhibitions of photographs around the country (San Francisco, NY, DC). The opening line of the article reads, “Young women gossip, cool their heels and check out the crowd at New York’s 1964 World’s Fair.” Check out Regis Today, Fall, 2012, to find out who these 1964 alums are.

CDO Miriam Sherman reports that Regis received a gift of $105,000 from the Estate of Irene du Breuil, class of 1941, this week. In a letter from Irene’s children, the gift is explained as an act of gratitude: “This gift is being given in honor of Mr. and Mrs. George Dinkel who, their financial generosity, enabled our mother to attend and graduate from Regis College as a member of the class of 1941. She was forever in debt to these wonderful people for the experience and education she gained from the opportunity their generosity provided.”

Graduate Students

A new Graduate Student Lounge located on the second and main floor of College Hall, off the Foyer closest to the main entrance doors, was opened yesterday. It replaces the lounge on the first floor, which will no longer be available. The new Graduate Student Lounge will still offer a quiet place to study, a fridge/microwave, and computers. Glass doors are being added to the room later this semester.

Hait Proj Fac at State HouseI have heard from Lauren Beaulieu, the director of our new ABA Master’s program, that the Behavior Analyst Certification Board has approved the six-course sequence she designed for the program to meet the requirements set forth by the Board to meet the educational requirements to sit for the examination to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Congratulations to Lauren, Susan Tammaro, Cynthia Phelan and all who developed the program and launched its certification process.

Haiti Proj Mem in Leg ChamberOur Haitian nursing faculty colleagues and graduate students are on campus this week continuing their education. On Tuesday they were in a day-long workshop with representatives of Health e-Villages receiving training on electronic devices now used in nursing care – devices they will employ back in Haiti. I am a member of the Health e Villages Board, a program of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice& Human Rights. You can see the Physicians Interactive and Health eVillages press release here: [no longer available]

Yesterday they went to the statehouse to meet with Representative Linda Forry and with Representative Kay Khan of Newton (a nurse and healthcare legislation advocate). Communications Director Peter Kent accompanied them and took the photos (Thank you, Peter!). The meeting included a greeting from Governor Deval Patrick as he was leaving his office en route to an appointment, and a few minutes with Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray, with whom I have worked on STEM initiatives. In the photograph above left,members of the group listen attentively to Representative Forry. On the right they visit the legislative chamber and learn about our political process. You can see faculty member Mary Ann Hart, who helped arrange some of their meetings, at the end of the row (Thank you, Mary Ann!).

Project Place students
Undergraduate Students

Associate Professor Sara Weintraub recently sent in a photograph showing her and her students who volunteered at a fund-raiser for Project Place, a non-profit that provides training programs, housing, and other help for homeless men and women. Sara notes, “They worked very hard and the program was a huge success. Our students got rave reviews!” (See photo at end these Notes, too.)

We are very proud of our women’s basketball team and coach for winning the NECC championship. Despite the subsequent loss to Montclair State, don’t worry: You’ll be in the NCAA finals again!

Faculty & Staff

About 30 faculty and staff members participated in an ACE sponsored webinar (American Council on Education) on the topic of MOOCS on Tuesday morning, March 5, in College Hall 202.

At a recent faculty meeting, Faculty Council conducted a discussion of the scheduling effort we are undertaking in relation to our Master Plan and followed up with a descriptive letter. I subsequently met with the Faculty Council and appointed a faculty ad hoc committee to work with the schedule in view of the Master Plan so we can solve any issues.

Associate Professor Julia Lisella, who is on sabbatical, wrote in to tell me that the 55 gallery in Natick asked her to offer a "Regis poetry reading" in Molly Saccardo's "Third Thursday Poetry Night" program. On our Regis website Molly saw that we have sent our students to read at the intercollegiate poetry reading at Boston College and asked Julia if she would like to bring a few of our poets to read with her at the gallery. So a couple of recent grads – Jenn LeBlanc and Nick Lee – who had represented us at the Intercollegiate Poetry Festival will join Julia on Thursday, March 21 at 7 p.m. at the 55 gallery.

Campus Events

Because the associated colleges sponsoring joint choral performances were "snowed out" during the great Snowstorm Nemo of early February, the participating colleges decided to cancel this year's ACDA choral performance completely. Originally we all tried to re-schedule, choosing April 6, but that, too ran into snags. However, the music continues: April 6 was the original scheduled date for a Regis College Glee Club performance, and the Regis College Spring Concert WILL be held on that date.

On March 21 (Thursday) I am hoping to hold another campus Town Meeting, this time to discuss together the working draft of our NEASC self-study. Please mark that event on your calendars.

President’s Office

I may have told you that I have been named to the Partners In Health Board. Today I am at a PIH Board Meeting in which a map of the PIH Zanmi Lasante health centers across Haiti was shared. Some of the Haitian nursing faculty members who are in our Haiti Project are connected to these centers, and this is another example of how small and interconnected our world is.

And, I have been invited to be the commencement speaker at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio on May 26, 2013.

Project Place student's handsThe Regis College Board has recently completed a survey aimed at strengthening its commitment to the highest standards of nonprofit organizational governance. The Board’s Committee on Trustees prepared the survey, and the results will be discussed at the June meeting.

The next issue of President’s Notes should come out on March 21. Much of the mid-month in March I’ll be Florida and Puerto Rico meeting with alums and prospective students but will stay in touch with campus.

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