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President's Notes 1.9

November 3, 2011

For me November is a time to remember – and a time to travel. This week, when you receive this edition of “President’s Notes,” I’ll be wearing my hat as a mother and travelling to Barcelona, Spain, to connect to my son J. J., a junior at Fairfield University, who is spending a semester abroad.

The October 29 snowstorm shocked everyone in New England, and the heavy, wet snow put an extraordinary burden on tree limbs on our lovely campus – not to mention the massive power outages affecting households and businesses in the entire region. I want to express my thanks to our Student Life Deans, Kara Kolomitz and Sister Rosemary Mulvihill, RSM, and all the Student Life staff for co-ordinating safety issues regarding residential students, and to Vice President Tom Pistorino and his staff for overseeing safety measures, notifications, and restoration of business as usual on the campus as a whole, including clean up of the tree limbs. I am aware that the storm, the shut-down, the re-scheduling and the re-opening earlier than we thought we could has affected different members of the campus community differently and inevitably caused either pain or joy in different quarters. Thank you, all, for your forbearance. Faculty and staff have been generally pleased that we were able to re-open on Wednesday, November 2, and Academic Deans Sister Betty Cawley, CSJ, and Penelope Glynn have asked faculty to show consideration for students, both graduate and undergraduate, who faced travel hardships returning to campus a day earlier than expected.


This coming Saturday, November 5, at Star of the Sea parish in Marblehead, many alums and friends will be remembering Carole Remick ’54, former Director of Alumnae at Regis, who passed away on October 18. Here’s the tribute to Carole published in The Boston Globe on October 25 [" students-journalism-careers" no longer available].

On Wednesday, November 9, please join me in Morrison House 4-6:30 p.m. to celebrate Barbara Clancy, Director of the Alumni Office, as she retires after seventeen years of service.

On Sunday November 13, of course, the College will hold its annual Memorial Liturgy at 10:30 a.m. in College Hall Chapel for all deceased alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of the College and their family members.

Soon after that, and at least by Thanksgiving, the autumn edition of Regis Today should drop in mailboxes. Under the direction of Dr. M. J. Doherty ‘67, we saw the “new” Regis Today magazine well launched in the past three years, and it won a 2010 Case Circle of Excellence Gold Award for magazine improvement. The autumn, 2011, edition will be the first under the oversight of Chief Development Officer Miriam Finn Sherman ‘98, working with editor Rachel Morton, and I expect we’ll see further development of the magazine as a way to present the “new” Regis.


One of the regional effects of this early storm was that celebrating Hallowe’en and All Saints, All Souls has lasted all week. Although I don’t usually include photos in these notes, the one below -- children of employees trick or treating in College Hall on October 28 -- is too good not to include. In the cafeteria tomorrow (November 4) Aramark will also produce a Hallowe’en-themed lunch. And, students, don’t forget that this afternoon, there’ll be “Pizza with the President” at 5 p.m. in Morrison House. I will be with you “in spirit” from Barcelona, and Deans Kara Kolomitz and Sister Rosemary Mulvihill, RSM, will be joining you in person.

Haiti Project

During the week of November 14-19 I expect to be in Haiti along with members of the Regis College Haiti Project team and Regis faculty for the project. We will be pursuing several initiatives on the ground, most notably the on-site segment of continuing nursing faculty education for the first cohort of Haitian nursing faculty who were here this summer, but also partnership building and strengthening both with Haitian government agencies and with Haitian colleges and universities. I will be able to share some of the outcomes of the trip with you in the “President’s Notes” that will come out on December 1. Meanwhile you can keep up with Haiti Project News on the Regis website and on Facebook.


A big thank you is in order for all the Regis faculty and staff who sent me their list of priorities this fall “through the lens of the student” and with an estimated price tag attached. On October 27 I began cross-walking what you sent in with an updated Strategic Plan on which members of the Administrative Council have been working. A number of Regis people met individually with representatives of Strategic Building Solutions on their Facilities Audit in late October, and once we have SBS’s final report, we’ll cross-walk that in as well. We hope to be able to present an integrated plan/ set of recommendations to the Board in December. And beyond that, vetted by members of the Regis Community along the way, this administrative work will feed into our preparation for our upcoming NEASC self-study in 2013. I shall keep you informed.

President’s Health Lecture Series

We had a fabulously informative conversation on October 26 during the President’s Health Lecture Series on the topic of end-of-life choices and health care. I am very grateful to the panelists, B. Lachlan Furrow, MD, Chair of the Massachusetts Expert Panel on End of Life (2009-2011); Eric Schultz, CEO of Harvard Pilgrim; Father Andrea Visconti, SJ, MD, PhD, of Boston College; and Dan Gorman, nurse practitioner (and double Regis graduate) for their excellent presentations. Amy Anderson and Regis faculty do a wonderful job collaborating with me behind the scenes to develop and present the series. Despite the way end-of-life planning was categorized as “death panels” when Health Care Reform was approved by Congress, the combination of advances in medicine and the demographics of an aging population really requires intelligent people to take thought. Many people do not realize, for example, the unanimity among ethicists on encouraging and allowing people to make a range of decisions regarding how much health care they pursue at the end of life. We are moving toward patient-centered health care in which the clients more fully direct their own care just as, in higher education, we are moving toward student-centered decision-making and interdisciplinary programming.

The next panel will make its presentation on Wednesday November 16, 6:30-8:30 p.m., in the Upper Student Union Lounge, on the topic of the emotional and physical cost of sports injuries. This panel will discuss the prevention of common childhood sports injuries; the symptoms, effects and treatment of post-concussion syndrome; and research that looks at athletes and non-athletes who have suffered from repetitive head trauma. Here’s the line up:


Carolyn S. Langer, MD, JD, MPH, Medical Director Medical Management, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care


Lyle J. Micheli, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon and Director Sports Medicine, Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA
Ann C. McKee, MD, Director of Neuropathology, New England Veterans Administration Medical Centers
Marybeth Lamb, PhD, MBA, Director of Athletics, Health and Fitness, Regis College
Devin P. Cashman, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer, Regis College


Professor Wendy Lement, Chairperson, Theater Department, will be reading from her play "Wedding Dreams" on November 17 during Brookline’s First Light Festival at Brookline Booksmith, 5- 8 p.m. This year’s slate of writers include Gary K. Wolf (whose Who Censored Roger Rabbit? became the Academy Award-winning movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit"); journalists and novelists Carey Goldberg and Beth Jones (Three Wishes: A True Story of Good Friends, Crushing Heartbreak, and Astonishing Luck on our Way to Love and Motherhood); town historian Larry Ruttman; Associate Justice of the Superior Court of Massachusetts and former civil rights organizer, Honorable Julian Houston (Great Runs in Brookline and Vicinity); Mark Lowenstein; Boston Globe bestselling author Linda Barnes; and Journalism professor and novelist Lou Urenek.

President’s Activities

Otherwise, I’ve been busy during these two weeks with long-range planning for LLARC; enrollment modeling with VP Paul Vaccaro and consultants; the Metrowest STEM Advisory Board; the MSJA Transition Task Force; and meetings with chairs of some faculty committees, among other things. On Friday, October 28, I hosted Father William Leahy, SJ, President of Boston College, for lunch here at Regis and discussed some of our common causes and anticipated collaborations.

The next issue of the “President’s Notes” will be out on November 17.

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