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New Regis College Program Rewrites Rules of Writing in a Time of Change

September 2, 2014

Professional WritingAs the country mourns the loss of freelance journalist James Foley, his execution at the hands of extremists focuses attention on how news is covered today. Increasingly, news outlets both big and small are turning to non-staff freelancers like Foley to help cover subjects from city council meetings to wars abroad. Responsibilities cross many platforms, and “writers” are being required to Tweet, blog, take video or photos as well as produce clear, concise, accurate prose.

A new master’s degree program at Regis College is examining the multi-faceted role of today’s professional writer, a position that combines aspects of traditional journalism, public relations, creative writing and social media expertise. The Masters of Arts in Professional Writing (MAPW), which officially launches this fall, is pioneering new ways to teach the best practices of “old” media in a “new” media world.

The MAPW acknowledges new market conditions: News organizations once relied on full-time staffers, who were trained and mentored by newsroom veterans. Now would-be writers must bring those skills to freelance assignments and cope with dramatically changing news media and communication outlets. Recent graduates who cut their teeth with stints at newspapers, magazines and other outlets before branching out, also need new media outlets for gaining writing and research skills.

“Regis MAPW students will explore trends in digital media and practice reporting and research techniques,” said Antoinette Hays, PhD, RN, President of Regis. “In today’s complex world, mastering these skills is important in every professional discipline.”

If you are considering a back-to-school college-oriented feature or a story on how writing program students are affected by the Foley’s death, please contact Stephanie Schorow, MAPW director, a former reporter and editor and author of six non-fiction books.

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