Should there be an Extreme National Emergency

Plan for Regis College and Its Surroundings

Plans have always been in place for the safety and security of the campus community. These plans have been updated and refined to address the current climate. Everyone should be aware of the plans and follow them when they are activated.

Identify the Nature/Proximity of an Emergency

External to Regis College

  1. With input from Campus Police, Physical Plant, Administrative Council, and the monitoring of outside authorities for instructions, a determination will be made to close the school and minimize the population on campus, or keep the population (part or whole) on campus for safety reasons for an indefinite period of time.
  2. A campus-wide evacuation will be more in the manner of “releasing” residents, faculty, staff, and commuter students to go to their homes. Individual evacuation plans are in place for a fire, chemical release, bomb threat, or natural disaster such as hurricane, tornado, blizzard, or medical reasons. The campus-wide evacuation is for unspecified events determined by the political and/or military climate outside of Regis College. An option for lodging will be provided. The students, faculty, and staff who remain on campus for lodging and/or safety will be moved to College Hall and St. Joseph Hall. If the decision is made to move the residents to College Hall en mass, Angela Hall residents will enter the lower Student Center and travel to College Hall via the tunnel, Domitilla and Maria Hall residents will file to College Hall through the Library parking lot. Regis College may be designated by outside authorities as a shelter for other groups in the surrounding area. Any outside group sent to Regis College as a result of this unspecified, but extreme, event will adhere to the procedures and policies that have been put in place for the Regis College community. The population remaining on campus will be housed in College Hall and St. Joseph Hall and will have access to the Student Center by way of the tunnel. With a full complement of residents on campus, Aramark has food provisions for seven days, and that could be extended with some rationing. All other buildings on campus will be locked down and closed by Campus Police. Resident Life staff will coordinate room assignments and Physical Plant will support the assignments by providing beds and/or bedding. Additional sleeping arrangements can also be set up in St. Joseph Hall, College Hall Foyer and in classrooms.
  3. In this extreme emergency housing and lockdown circumstance College Hall and its connecting buildings will be the only occupied structures. The three entrances to the Regis College campus will be secured/blocked and patrolled. All other buildings will be off limits to everyone except Campus Police and individuals designated by an Administrative Council member or the Weston Police.
  4. When all temporary residents are settled a meal schedule will be announced. Information, updates and changes will come from a spokesperson designated by the Administrative Council. There will be a day-to-day assessment regarding the plan’s implementation and practicality. As conditions develop external to Regis College, adjustments will be made with consultation with the Administrative Council.

Internal to Regis College

  1. In the case of any building-specific emergency, community members should follow the evacuation plans activated during a fire drill or alarm. These evacuations are practiced at least twice each semester in every building on campus. In conjunction with Regis College Campus Police, Weston Fire Department conducts drills unannounced and rates the compliance and performance level. Whether the building evacuation is a drill or not, the occupants should follow the instructions of Campus Police after evacuating.
  2. Regarding suspicious mail, such as no return address, an unknown or unsolicited source, hand written with poor penmanship, the appearance of tampering, or if a powdery or unidentifiable substance is detected however small, call Campus Police immediately. No student will be opening any mail directed to Regis College. Regis College faculty and staff will have the option of using non-latex gloves and facemasks (provided). Campus Police will simultaneously respond to the location, secure the area, and contact Weston Police. This procedure has been established by pre-arrangement with the Weston Police Chief. With consultation with Weston Police, the proper agencies will be informed. In the event of the above occurring, the immediate area of the suspect envelope or package, and beyond, will be treated as a crime scene. The additional agencies may include initially the Massachusetts State Police, Hazardous Material Team, the FBI, Weston Fire Department and the Bomb Squad.
  3. Any suspicious person, behavior, substance or vehicle should be reported immediately to Campus Police. There is no need for any member of the community to initially get more involved than observing and reporting. Campus Police will respond.

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

In Case of Emergency

  (ext 7777 on campus)

Contact Information

Campus Police
College Hall, Room 102

Regis College Public Safety: Should there be an Extreme National Emergency
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