Campus Police Services

Please familiarize yourself with the many resources available that address questions and concerns about bioterrorism, emergency response, and health. Learn the facts and fight fear, the most infectious terrorist weapon of all.

If there is a question on a health issue call the Massachusetts Department of Health's public information line 1-866-627-7968.

For additional information, please refer to these Websites

Handling Mail and Bioterrorism

Should there be an Extreme National Emergency

Safety, Crime Prevention, and Transportation Safety Meetings

Campus Police hold safety meetings in each of the residence halls at various times throughout the academic year in order to inform students of the various safety concerns of college life. Please contact The Department of Campus Police at 7111 for more information.

For more information contact Campus Police or call 781-768-7111.

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

In Case of Emergency

  (ext 7777 on campus)

Contact Information

Campus Police
College Hall, Room 102




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