A child building with cardboardNAEYC AccreditedThe Regis Children’s Center, located on the Regis Campus in Angela Hall, enrolls children ages fifteen months through Kindergarten. RCC provides child care and education services to children of Regis staff and faculty, and families of surrounding communities.

Teaching Center: Student teachers and work-study students help to maintain low staff/child ratios and are provided with rich opportunities to conduct on-site field observations and internships. The children in our program are given the opportunity to interact with a multitude of diverse people in a naturally inter-generational campus setting.

The Campus is Our Classroom and our Community:

Children utilize the entire campus as part of their classroom experience. Learning the geography of the campus, how to navigate safely in a parking lot and experiencing the many visitors and events teaches young children so much about the world!

Campus Activities Include:

  • STEM classes in our Science Building with Regis Faculty
  • Sports sessions with many of our athletic teams
  • Global Citizenship projects and partnerships with the Honors Program
Regis College: Children’s Center
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Children's center provided by Regis College