The Eleanor Welch Casey Theatre

The Eleanor Welch Casey Theatre is the jewel of the Fine Arts Center and plays host to more than thirty performances and programs each season.

Dedicated in 1995 and given through the generosity of Al Casey in memory of his wife Eleanor Welch Casey, Regis College Class of 1946, the venue presents a wide variety of artistic and cultural expressions including symphonies, theatre, dance, and musical recitals. Ellie’s great love of life manifested itself in her love and involvement in the performing arts. Her service and leadership led many others to assist with special projects promoting the arts. The Eleanor Welch Casey Theatre is a most fitting tribute. The Theatre’s 650 seats rise in a gentle slope to the control room at the back of the hall providing excellent sight lines. Equipped with advanced lighting, audio, and staging technologies, this venue is as fine a theatre as any in the Boston area. The Theatre's splendid acoustics have inspired a number of classical and contemporary musicians to use it as a professional recording studio.

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Steven B. Hall


Nancy Rosata

Associate Director

Andre H. Schiff

Technical Director

Ian O’Malley

Assistant Technical Director

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Regis College Fine Arts Center: The Eleanor Welch Casey Theatre