The administration of Regis College is committed to the principle that each student will experience an outstanding educational, social, and personal experience when he or she attends Regis.

Guided by its Mission Statement, Regis seeks to “empower women and men to challenge themselves academically, to lead, and to serve.” The goal of the Regis administration is to translate those words into everyday activities.

Broadly and dynamically understood, the administration includes members of the Board of Trustees, President Antoinette M. Hays, the Administrative Council, and the faculty and the staff, for all of these people, depending on each person's role and responsibility, “administer” the College and constantly seek ways for each student to find his or her own pathway to success.

Functionally understood, the President and members of the Administrative Council are the administration of the College. Working directly with the President on the Administrative Council are the Vice President, Academic Affairs, Deans of the School of Liberal Arts, Education and Social Sciences and the School of Nursing, Sciences and Health Professions; the Vice President, Student Affairs; the Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness; the Vice President, Enrollment Management and Marketing; the Vice President, Finance and Business; the Vice President, Institutional Advancement; the Chief Information Officer; and the Special Assistant to the President. Faculty and staff report to their respective dean or vice president, and the President reports to the Board.

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